UKC 2008, US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship,


   KMS-KSEA Joint Mathematics Conference

 Science and Technology For a Better World


Dr. Clive Granger received the 2003 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences shared with Robert Engle for methods of analyzing economic time series with common trends. He earned his Ph.D. in statistics at the University of Nottingham, England. He now holds positions of Professor Emeritus and Research Professor at University of California-San Diego.

* Clive Granger (Nobel Laureate)

* Efim Zelmanov (Field Medalist); UCSD

Applied and Pure Mathematics (APM)


Chair and Co-Chairs

Sung-Yell Song (Chair, Iowa State Univ.), Dohan Kim (Seoul Nat’l Univ.),

Sang-Gu Lee(Sungkyunkwan Univ.) and Eungchun Cho (Seoul Nat’l Univ.)

Organizing Committee

Inkyung Ahn (Korea Univ.), Jeongwhan Choi (Korea Univ.), Hyung Ju Hwang (POSTECH),

Jon-Lark Kim (Univ. of Louisville) and Directors of BK21 Project Teams

Advisory Committee

Young-Ju Choi (POSTECH), Jin Ho Kwak (POSTECH), Kyung Bai Lee (Univ. of Oklahoma),

Hyo Chul Myung (KIAS), Hae-Soo Oh (UNC Charlotte) and Chin-Hong Park (Sunmoon Univ.)


Friday (8/15/2008) Morning Session: Algebra, Analysis and Geometry

(Royal Palm Salon 3)

Session Chairs: Dohan Kim (Seoul Nat’l Univ.) and Eungchun Cho (Seoul Nat’l Univ.)

8:00am APM-1.1 The Subconstituent Algebras of Wreath Product Association Schemes; Sung-Yell Song; Iowa State Univ

8:20am APM-1.2 Floer Homology, Relative Gromov-Witten Invariants, and Their Relationship; Yon-Seo Kim; Univ. of Chicago.

8:40am APM-1.3 Floer Homology in Symplectic Geometry and Mirror Symmetry; Yong-Geun Oh; Univ. of Wisconsin.

9:00am APM-1.4 Construction of Directional and Interpolatory Biorthogonal Wavelets; Youngmi Hur; MIT

9:20am APM-1.5 Enumeration of Orientable Coverings of Nonorientable Surface; Jin Ho Kwak; POSTECH

9:30am <Coffee Break>

10:00am APM-1.6 The Homology of the Cycle Matroid of a Coned Graph; Woong Kook; Univ. of Rhode Island.

10:20am APM-1.7 Linear Operators That Preserve Regular Matrices; Seok-Zun Song; Cheju Nat’l Univ.

10:40am APM-1.8 Structural Analysis of Acyclic Matrices by Special Vertices of Trees; In-Jae Kim* and Bryan Shader; Minnesota State Univ. and Univ. of Wyoming.

11:00am APM-1.9 Achievements by Korean Mathematicians in 1950’s; Chung Lim Lee; POSTECH.

      This talk was repalaced by

                Measurable and topological entropy dimensions; Kyewon Kok Park, Ajou Univ.


Friday (8/15/2008) Afternoon Session: Algebra and Combinatorics (Royal Palm Salon 3)

Session Chairs: Hyo Chul Myung (KIAS) and Sung-Yell Song (Iowa State Univ.)

2:15pm APM/STA-2.1 On Obtaining a Nobel Prize; Clive Granger (Nobel Laureate)

2:35pm APM-2.2 Asymtotic Theory of Finite Groups; Efim Zelmanov (Field Medalist); UCSD.

3:45pm <Coffee Break>

3:50pm APM-2.3 Combinatorics and Generalized q-Euler Numbers; Tim Huber and Ae Ja Yee*; Iowa State Univ. and Penn State Univ.

4:10pm APM-2.4 Solutions for m by n Size Black-Out Games; Sang-Gu Lee* and Duk-Sun Kim; Sungkyunkwan Univ.

4:30pm APM-2.5 Directed Graphs, Intercalate changes, and Sharply Transitive Quasigroup Actions; Bokhee Im; Chonnam Nat’l Univ.

4:50pm APM-2.6 Graph Presentations of Subgroups of Free Groups; Donghi Lee; Pusan Nat’l Univ.

5:10pm APM-2.7 Minimum Pk Total Weights; Ji-Young Choi; Shippensburg Univ


Saturday (8/16/2008) Morning Session: Applied Math and Numerical Analysis

(Royal Palm Salon 3)

Session Chairs: Inkyung Ahn, Jeongwhan Choi (Korea Univ. and Hyung-Chun Lee (Ajou Univ.)

8:00am APM-3.1. Every Stieltjes Moment Problem Has a Solution in Gelfand-Shilov Spaces; Dohan Kim; Seoul Nat’l Univ.

8:20am APM-3.2 Disintegration of Measures and Commuting 2-Variable Weighted Shifts; Jasang Yoon; Univ. of Texas, Pan American.

8:40am APM-3.3 Free Boundary Problems and Weak Solutions; Inwon Kim; UCLA

9:00am APM-3.4 Pattern Formation on Two Prey-One Predator models with Ratio-Dependent Predator Influence; Inkyung Ahn* and Wonlyul Ko; Korea Univ.

09:20am APM-3.5 A Global Existence Result for 3D Navier-Stokes Equations; Minkyu Kwak; Chonnam Nat’l Univ.

9:30am <Coffee Break>

09:40am APM-3.6 Transmission Dynamics of Tsutsugamushi; Byul Nim Kim, Yasuhisa Saito, and Yongkuk Kim*; Kyungpook Nat’l Univ.

10:00am APM-3.7 Some Mathematical and Computational Questions on LouGehrig’s Disease Model; Namyong Lee; Minnesota State Univ.

10:20am APM-3.8 Differential Equations Using Reduced-Order Modeling; Hyung-Chun Lee; Ajou Univ.

10:40am APM-3.9 Supercritical Surface Gravity Waves Generated by a Positive Forcing; Jeongwhan Choi*, Shu-Ming Sun and SungIm Whang; Korea Univ.

11:00am APM-3.10 General Sampling Procedure in Shift-Invariant Spaces; Kil H. Kwon; KAIST

11:20am APM-3.11 Topological Structure of Non-Abelian Gauge Field Theory and applications in Physics; Chueng-Ryong Ji* and Duojie Jia; NC State Univ.


Saturday (8/16/2008) 11:30am-1:30pm Poster and Box Lunch (Pacific Ballroom)

Session Chair: Junho Cha (Physware)

APM Symposium Posters (Royal Palm Salon 3)

APM-5.1 Inner Product of Random Vectors; Eungchun Cho and Moon Jung Cho; Seoul Nat’l Univ. and Bureau of Labor Statistics

APM-5.2 Algorithmic Problems in Combinatorial Group Theory; Da-Min Byeon; Pusan Nat’l Univ.

APM-5.3 Approximate Symmetries in Quasigroups of Small Orders; Bokhee Im, Ji-Young Ryu and Ga-Hee Yang; Chonnam Nat’l Univ.

APM-5.4 Some Research Problems in Mathematical Modeling of the Malaria; Byul-Nim Kim and Yongkuk Kim; Kyungpook Nat’l Univ.

APM-5.5 Evaluation of Optimum Operation Parameters in Hydrogen Production System from Coal Gasfication; Hyun Min Shim, HongYue Wang and Hyung Taek Kim; Ajou Univ.

YGPF-28 Application of our random problem generator(RPG) of linear algebra in the self-directed learning environment; DukSun Kim* and Sang-Gu Lee, SungKyunKwan Univ.


Saturday (8/16/2008) Afternoon Session I: Codes, Combinatorics, and Graphs

(Royal Palm Salon 3)

Session Chairs: Jon-Lark Kim (Univ. of Louisville) and Sang-Gu Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

3:00pm APM-4.1 The Nonexistence of Near-Extremal Formally Self-Dual Codes; Sunghyu Han* and Jon-Lark Kim; Yonsei Univ. and Univ. of Louisville

3:20pm APM-4.2 Duadic Double Circulant Codes; Sunghyu Han and Jon-Lark Kim*; Yonsei Univ. and Univ.of Louisville

3:45pm APM-4.3 Information Measure for Casual Inference; Young-Han Kim; UCSD

4:00pm APM-4.4 KMS and KAMS Forum

    Movie Clips of Some talks including

1. 오용근 교수, Granager 교수, Zelmanov  교수님 강의시 full shot, close-up shot, audiance shot을 포함하여 각 강연자별로 약 2-3분씩
2. 명효철 원장님 Chair 사회보는 장면 2-3분

   which may be used for Korean Science TV News

Made by Sang-Gu Lee  http://matrix.skku.ac.kr/conference/2008Combnatorics.htm, Photos by Sang-Gu Lee and Duk-Sun Kim

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