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The Joint Mathematics Meetings comes to New England! The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and the American Mathematical Society (AMS) invite you to join them at the next Joint Mathematics Meetings which will be held in Boston, known not only for its rich history but also for its central location to many colleges and universities. This will be the 95th annual winter meeting of MAA and the 118th annual meeting of AMS. The Joint Mathematics Meetings will again host sessions by the Association for Symbolic Logic, the Association for Women in Mathematics, the National Association for Mathematicians, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

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MAA Session on Innovative and Effective Ways to Teach Linear Algebra


Wednesday afternoon

2:15 1077-F1-1720 Discovery learning in linear algebra dynamical geometry software. Martha Ellen Waggoner

2:35 1077-F1-872 Using Dynamic Geometry Software to Foster Students' Understanding of Vectors. Tyler Gaspich

2:55 1077-F1-828 Teaching geometry using linear algebra. Dragu Atanasiu

3:15 1077-F1-2689 Using N-dimensional Geometry as a Thread to Increase Geometric and Abstract Reasoning in Linear Algebra. Stephen Hilbert

3:35 1077-F1-1698 Group Theory in the Linear Algebra Classroom. Paul E. Becker

3:55 1077-F1-2686 A Physical Laboratory for Linear Algebra. Jeffrey M Hokanson

4:15 1077-F1-711 Discrete Dynamical Fibonacci. Edward Early

4:35 1077-F1-274 Combinatorial Scheduling: a way to motivate matrix multiplication and other important concepts. Donna A. Dietz

4:55 1077-F1-879 Linear Algebra Projects for Computer Science Majors in Costa Rica. Michael Josephy

5:15 1077-F1-2328 A Hypothetical Learning Trajectory for Conceptualizing Matrices as Linear Transformations. Megan Wawro

5:35 1077-F1-1071 Linear: Maxima Edition. Don Spickler


8:40 1077-F1-2712 Web 2.0 for Linear Algebra Classes. Tom Edgar

9:00 1077-F1-1585 On Generating Large Dimensional, Hand-Calculable Exercises and Applications. Jeff R. Knisley

9:20 1077-F1-1813 Mobile Math Applications for the Second Course of Linear Algebra. Sang-Gu Lee

9:40 1077-F1-1812 Full Sage Contents of Introductory Linear Algebra. Kyung-Won Kim

10:00 1077-F1-920 Reinforcing Basic Linear Algebra Skills Using Computer Animation. Nathan M Wodarz

10:20 1077-F1-1437 Muggle Magic with Matrix Arithmetic. Tim Chartier

10:40 1077-F1-1022 The Wronskian as a method for introducing vector spaces. Daniel A. Ramras

11:00 1077-F1-1193 LINE (Linear Algebra in New Environments): Using Learning Theories to Design Linear Algebra Modules. William O. Martin

11:20 1077-F1-1242 A Comparison of Different Pedagogical Approaches to Linear Algebra. Sukanya Basu

11:40 1077-F1-421 Connecting Linear Algebra Concepts. C. Ray Rosentrater




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