Korean Sub-Commission of ICMI (2003-2004)

The Korean mathematics education community has decided to establish a Korean Sub-Commission of ICMI, KSICMI, endorsed by the Korean Mathematical Society.

The Sub-Commission has the following members

Professor Sung Je Cho (Dept. of Math. Ed., Seoul National University) sungjcho@snu.ac.kr
General Secretary:
Professor Joong Kwon Lee (Dept. of Math. Ed., Dongguk University), joonglee@dongguk.edu
2001-2003 Members :
Hyunyong Shin, 1999-2000 and 2001-2002, Secretary of KSICMI
Department of Mathematics Education
Korean National University of Education
363-791 Republic of Korea
e-mail: shin@knuecc-sun.knue.ac.kr
Choe, Young Han (Professor, Institute of Science and Technology)
Hyun, Jong-Ik (Professor, Cheju National University)
Kang, Meekwang (Professor, Dongeui University)
Kim, Byung Moo (Professor, Chungju National University)
Kim, Jin Lak (Ministry of Education)
Kim, Soo-Hwan (Professor, Chungju National University of Education)
Kim, Tai Sung (Professor, Chungbuk National University)
Kim, Won Kyung (Professor, Korea National University of Education)
Kim, Young Kuk (Professor, Seowon University)
Koo, Kwang Jo (Professor, Dan Kook University)
Lee, Byung Soo (Professor, Kyungsung University)
Lee, Jae Wok (Professor, Inha Technical Junior College)
Lew, Hee-Chan (Professor, Korea National University of Education)
Park, Bae Hun (Professor, Korea National University of Education)
Park, Kyungmee (Professor, Korean Educational Development Institute)
Shin, Dong Sun (Professor, Ewha Wonan's University)
Candidates for  2003-2004  offices :

??/font>Han Hyuck Cho (SNU),

??/font>Tae-sik Han (Korea Military Academy)

??/font>Kyungyun Hwang (Chungju University)

??/font>Hyechung Hwang (Chosun University)

??/font>Woohyung Hwang (Korea University)

??/font>Sung Sook Kim (PaiChai University)

??/font>Ok-ki Kang (Seongkyunkwan University)

??/font>Soon Ja Kang (CNU)

??/font>Wan Kang (SNUE)

??/font>Sangsook Koh (Dankook Universtiy)

??/font>Oh Nam Kwon(Ewha Womans University)

??/font>Kang Sup Lee (Dankook University)

??/font>Joongkyun Lee (Dongguk University)

??/font>Sang Gu Lee(Sungkyunkwan University)

??/font>Hee Chan Lew (KNUE)

??/font>Gui-Soo Na (KICE)

??/font>Hyung Yong Shin (KNUE)

??/font>Kyung Mee Park (Hongik University)

??/font>Suk-Yoon Baik (SNUE)

  • The first activity of KSICMI is to organise the First ICMI-East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (ICMI-EARCOME 1) which will be held at the Korean National University of Education 17-21 August 1998 (see announcement elsewhere in this Bulletin).