• General Information

    The 19th International Linear Algebra Society Conference (ILAS2014) is pleased to offer a number of hotels in different categories in main areas of Seoul - most of them conveniently located on major transportation routes and accessible by subway. Special rates have been secured for Conference participants by the Committee.

    Please note that Hotel Reservation will be closed at the end of May. Depending on the availability, rooms will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Once room blocks at these hotels have been filled, we may be unable to secure further rooms with the hotels at the special rates quoted. Therefore, early hotel reservation is highly recommended.

  • How to make Hotel Reservation

    Participants can make a reservation directly to the hotel through e-mail or by fax. For e-mail reservation, please fill out and send the accommodation form to the desired hotel. The confirmation letter will be sent to the participant by hotel office on the condition of appropriate reservation status. The ILAS2014 Secretariat kindly asks all participants to complete the hotel reservation before the end of June. Room booking and changes made after the end of June cannot be guaranteed and will be subject to room availability.

  • Hotel List and Details

    * Please note that you can check the detailed information on the list of hotels at ‘Hotel Description’ page. To visit the hotel website, please click the hotel name below.

    No. Class Hotel Room
    Room Rate (KRW) Breakfast (KRW) Reservation Contact
    *please send this
    form to the
    below contact information
    1 First
    Prince Hotel Double
    Fully Booked
    (about 107$)
    (about 10$)
    Fax: +82-2-752-7118
    Myungdong St.
    Exit 2. 3mins
    from the station
    Twin 136,400
    (about 128$)
    Deluxe 167,200
    about 157$)
    2 Hotel Skypark 3 Double
    (about 129$)
    (about 10$)

    Fax: +82-2-6499-2589
    Myungdong St.
    Exit 9
    3 Just Stay Hotel Double Standard 60,000 ~ 118,800 (US$ 50 - US$ 99) not
    FAX:+82-2-2271-3322 Dongdaemun
    History &
    Culture Park St.
    Exit 12 5min
    from the station
    Standard Twin 60,000 ~ 118,800 (US$ 50 - US$ 99)
    Deluxe Twin 72,000 ~ 133,200 (US$ 62 - US$ 111)
    Triple 88,800 ~ 148,800 (US$ 74 - US$ 124)
    04,400 ~ 163,200 (US$ 87 - US$ 136)
    4 Serviced Residences Western Co-op Residence Studio Double 110,000
    (about 103$)
    (about 8$)
    Fax: +82-2-2269-4601
    Dongdaemun History &
    Culture Park St. Exit 12
    5mins from the station
    5 Uljiro Co-op Residence Studio Twin 90,000
    (about 84$)
    (about 8$)
    Fax: +82-2-2269-4601
    Dongdaemun History &
    Culture Park St. Exit 12
    2mins from the station
    6 Toyoko inn Single 66,000
    (about 62$)
    Incl. The reservation will be
    available on May 5.
    Dongdaemun History &
    Culture Park St.
    Exit 4 3mins
    from the station
    Double 77,000
    (about 72$)
    Twin 99,000
    (about 92$)
    7   The Summit Hotel Seoul Superior Double Room (1 Double Bed) 110,000
    (about 100$)
    11,000 (about 10$)/person Homepage:
    Phone: +82-2-2285-0540
    Fax: +82-2-2285-0549
    Dongdaemun History & Culture Park St. (Line 4) Exit 4 5mins from the station
    Superior Twin Room
    (2 Single Beds)
    (about 100$)
    Deluxe Double Room
    (1 Double Bed)
    (about 125$)
    Deluxe Twin Room
    (1 Double, 1 Single Bed)
    (about 125$)
    8 Dormitory Sungkyun
    kwan Univ. Student Dorm

    Financial (accommodation) Support for Graduate Students and post Doctors
    Local organizing committee of the conference will provide free shared accommodation. The shared accommodation will be with only one other participant at International House of Sungkyunkwan university. The hospitality extends for a maximum of 5 nights starting Tuesday 5, 2014. If you choose not to take advantage of this offer, then you must arrange your accommodation.

    For Location Information
    * VAT & SVC is included in the room rate.
  • Important Notice
    1. Accommodation Support for Graduate Students and Post Doctors
    2. All rates are quoted per room per night and can only be obtained by booking through e-mail or fax to the hotel directly.
        Also, you must inform the hotel of any changes in booking.
    3. All Hotel reservations should be made by the end of June. Room booking and changes made after the end of June
        cannot be guaranteed and will be subject to room availability.
    4. All rates are based on Korean Won. Please click "Currency Converter” to check the currency rate.
    5. All detailed policies are complied with each hotel regulation. Therefore, please refer to the hotel reservation form.
    6. Please note that requests for early check-in and late check-out must be made to each hotel in advance.
        However, this may cause additional charge depending on room availability.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Any cancellations and changes should be made to the hotel in advance. Since all cancellation policy for hotel reservation is complied with each hotel regulation, if you have inquiries about reservation policy, please contact the hotel directly.

  • Other Hotel & Serviced Residences Information

    For reservations, please contact the hotel or residences directly by visiting the website.

    No. Hotel & Residence Room Type Room Rate (KRW) Location
    1 Central Tourist Hotel
    (Reservation available through Agoda, Expedia, Booking.com)
    Standard Double/
    Standard Twin/
    Deluxe Twin
    Jongro 3(sam)-ga St. Exit 13. 5mins from the station
    2 Chungmuro Residence
    (Reservation available through
    Agoda, Booking.com)
    Double/Twin/ Triple/Family/
    Deluxe Family
    Chungmuro St. Exit 2. 7mins from the station
    3 Residence EO Single/Double/
    Twin/Korean Ondol
    60,000-70,000 Myungdong St. Exit 2. 5mins from the station
    4 Nobleresidence
    Daehak-ro branch
    Single - Hyehwa St. Exit 4. 5mins from the station
    5 K-Pop Residence Myeong Dong2 Single, Twin, Double, Triple, Family 70,000-150,000 Myungdong St. Exit 8. 5mins from the station
  • Contact Information

    Email: secretariat@ilas2014.org