• Nr fName lName lectureTitle email country Date Code
    1 Kanae Akaiwa Convergence to multiple eigenvalues in the quotient-difference algorithm akaiwa.kanae.83w@
    Japan 06-Aug CT 5
    2 Marianne AKIAN Tropical bounds for eigenvalues of matrices using Hungarian dual variables marianne.akian@inria.fr France 08-Aug CT 14
    3 Pudji Astuti Characteristic non-hyperinvariant subspaces and the characteristic hull of subspaces pudji@math.itb.ac.id Indonesia 07-Aug CT 9
    4 Mojtaba Bakherad Some reverses of Cauchy-Schwarz inequality mojtaba.bakherad@
    Iran 08-Aug CT 13
    5 Matthias Bolten Analysis of grid transfer operators for multigrid methods based on Toeplitz matrices bolten@
    Germany 08-Aug CT 12
    6 Chassidy Bozeman Minimum Rank of Graphs with Loops cbozeman@iastate.edu USA 07-Aug CT 7
    7 Joao Cardoso The matrix arithmetic-geometric mean iteration and the computation of the matrix logarithm jocar@isec.pt Portugal 08-Aug CT 12
    8 Richard Cimler Simulation models with max-linear functions richard.cimler@uhk.cz Czech Republic 07-Aug CT 9
    9 Carlos Da Fonseca On the maximal length chain in the Bruhat order for a class of binary matrices carlos@sci.kuniv.edu.kw Kuwait 07-Aug CT 7
    10 Noemi De Castro Enumerating feedback classes of locally Brunovsky systems maria.isabel.garcia@
    Spain 08-Aug CT 12
    11 Ralph De la Cruz The generalized Cartan-Dieudonne theorem rjdelacruz@
    Philippines 08-Aug CT 14
    12 Kennett Dela Rosa $S$-orthogonal matrices as products of symmetries prkdelarosa@
    Philippines 06-Aug CT 4
    13 Heike Fassbender On complex $J$-symmetric eigenproblems h.fassbender@
    Germany 06-Aug CT 5
    14 Ji Gao Metrices and $n$-dimensional $u$-convexity in banach spaces jgao@ccp.edu USA 07-Aug CT 10
    15 Maria Isabel Garcia-Planas Disturbance Decoupling Problems for Switched Linear Systems. A Geometric Approach maria.isabel.garcia@
    Spain 07-Aug CT 8
    16 Hanni Garminia THE INTEGRALITY OF HYPERGRAPHS COSTRONG PRODUCT garminia@math.itb.ac.id Indonesia 09-Aug CT 17
    17 Agah Garnadi Inclusion identification in inverse boundary value problems on weighted networks agah.garnadi@
    Indonesia 09-Aug CT 16
    18 Javier Gonzalez Projection methods for large T-Sylvester equations jagpizar@
    Spain 08-Aug CT 11
    19 Daryl Granario Sums of $phi_S$-orthogonal matrices dgranario@
    Philippines 06-Aug CT 4
    20 Priyanka Grover Birkhoff-James orthogonality of matrices priyanka.grover17@
    India 08-Aug CT 13
    21 Jan Hamhalter Jordan isomorphisms as preservers for important orders on matrix and operator algebras hamhalte@
    Czech Republic 09-Aug CT 20
    22 Yorick Hardy Towards a multiplicative Kronecker quotient hardyy@unisa.ac.za South Africa 09-Aug CT 15
    23 James Hook Max-plus singular values james.l.hook@gmail.com United Kingdom 09-Aug CT 17
    24 Tanvi Jain Approximation problems in the Riemannian metric on positive definite matrices tanvi@isid.ac.in India 06-Aug CT 1
    25 Sung-Tae Jin An equivalence class of the generating functions and application to solving functional equations anishie@skku.edu Republic of Korea 09-Aug CT 19
    26 Ji-Hwan Jung New orthogonal q-Sheffer sequences jh56k@skku.edu Republic of Korea 09-Aug CT 19
    27 HYE-YEON KIM Iterative Methods solving matrix equation $X^p-MXM^T=Q$ hyeyeon@pusan.ac.kr Republic of Korea 08-Aug CT 11
    28 Katarzyna Kozlowska Riemann-Hilbert problems and their applications related to the asymptotics of Toeplitz determinants k.kozlowska@
    United Kingdom 07-Aug CT 10
    29 Nikolai Krivulin Direct Algebraic Solutions to Tropical Optimization Problems Nikolai_Krivulin@
    Russian Federation 06-Aug CT 2
    30 Volha Kushel On the positive stability of $P^2$-matrices kushel@mail.ru Germany 08-Aug CT 13
    31 Kiam Heong Kwa Geometry of per-alternate triangular matrices khkwa@um.edu.my Malaysia 06-Aug CT 1
    32 Pan Shun Lau Convexity of linear images of real matrices with prescribed singular values
    and sign of determinant
    panlau@hku.hk Hong Kong 06-Aug CT 1
    33 Gangyong Lee Rudimentary subrings of partial matrix rings lgy999@hanmail.net Republic of Korea 09-Aug CT 20
    34 Daowei Lu Cleft module cocategory ludaowei620@126.com China 07-Aug CT 10
    35 Thomas Mach Computing Approximate Rational Krylov Subspaces Without Explicit Inversion thomas.mach@
    Belgium 07-Aug CT 9
    36 Andrea Marchesini Asymptotic eigenvalue problems andrea.marchesini@
    France 06-Aug CT 5
    37 James McTigue Maximal non-singular partial matrices mctiguejj@gmail.com Ireland 09-Aug CT 18
    38 Ahmad Mojallal On Laplacian Energy of graphs ahmad_mojalal@
    Iran 07-Aug CT 7
    39 M. Eulalia Montoro Characteristic non hyperinvariant subspaces eula.montoro@ub.edu Spain 09-Aug CT 18
    40 M. Javad Nadjafi-Arani A double counting by using matrix method for computing ??$?k^{th}?$? coefficient of Wiener ?polynomial mjnajafiarani@
    Iran 06-Aug CT 6
    41 Hamed Najafi Generalized Heinz type inequality hamednajafi20@
    Iran 06-Aug CT 3
    42 Yuji Nakatsukasa Linearization for computing roots of rational functions nakatsukasa@
    Japan 09-Aug CT 15
    43 Makoto Namiki On the inside of hidden P-matrix sandwiches namiki@
    Japan 06-Aug CT 6
    44 Zuzana Nemcova Convex sets in max-Lukasiewicz algebra zuzana.nemcova@
    Czech Republic 06-Aug CT 3
    45 Marta Pena Closed orbits in planar bimodal linear systems marta.penya@upc.edu Spain 08-Aug CT 14
    46 Juan M. Pena Accurate computations for classes of matrices related to Total Positivity jmpena@unizar.es Spain 06-Aug CT 6
    47 Javier Perez Backward stability of polynomial root-finding using Fiedler companion matrices jpalvaro@math.uc3m.es Spain 07-Aug CT 8
    48 Leonardo Robol A new class of block companion matrices related to matrix polynomials leonardo.robol@sns.it Italy 06-Aug CT 6
    49 Alicia Roca The number of characteristic non hyperinvariant subspaces aroca@mat.upv.es Spain 07-Aug CT 10
    50 Esteban Segura Ugalde A contour integral approach to study invariant pairs esteban.segura-ugalde@
    France 09-Aug CT 17
    51 Yuki Seo On three geometric means of positive definite matrices yukis@
    Japan 06-Aug CT 3
    52 Jong-Hyeon Seo Estimating the Convergence Rates of Functional Iterations for Solving Quadratic Matrix Equations hyeonni94@pusan.ac.kr Republic of Korea 07-Aug CT 8
    53 Sang-Hyup Seo The newton and the fixed point iterations for differentiable order-convex matrix functions saibie1677@gmail.com Republic of Korea 07-Aug CT 9
    54 Naomi Shaked-Monderer SPN completable graphs nomi@tx.technion.ac.il Israel 06-Aug CT 4
    55 Shih-Feng Shieh A structure-preserving flow for symplectic matrix pairs and its dynamics sfshieh@ntnu.edu.tw Taiwan 06-Aug CT 2
    56 Pappur? Shivakumar Hearing the shape of a drum with a hole shivaku@cc.umanitoba.ca Canada 08-Aug CT 12
    57 Suleyman Solak On applications of hyper-Fibonacci numbers in matrices ssolak42@yahoo.com Turkey 06-Aug CT 4
    58 Minho Song On The Commutator subgroup of the Riordan group smh3227@naver.com Republic of Korea 09-Aug CT 19
    59 Daniil Stefonishin Formulas and estimates for the generic rank of tensors stefonishin@gmail.com Russian Federation 09-Aug CT 15
    60 Leo Taslaman Why does shift-and-invert Arnoldi work? leo.taslaman@
    United Kingdom 09-Aug CT 18
    61 Hana Tomaskova Optimization with max-linear functions hana.tomaskova@
    Czech Republic 09-Aug CT 17
    62 Wenzhe Wang On block triangular matrices with signed Drazin inverse 690564734@qq.com China 06-Aug CT 2
    63 Peter Chang-Yi Weng Solving large-scale nonsymmetric algebraic Riccati equations by
    Taiwan 06-Aug CT 2
    64 Pengpeng Xie The numerical range of a real tensor 09110180005@
    China 09-Aug CT 16
    65 Miman You Constructing New Braided $T$-categories over Monoidal Han-Hope algebra youmiman2013@
    China 08-Aug CT 14
    66 Liping Zhang Homotopy for Rational Riccati Equations arising in Stochastic Control 10110180011@
    China 08-Aug CT 11
    67 Xiaohui Zhang Making the Yetter-Drinfeld categories in to ribbon categories zxhhhhh@gmail.com China 09-Aug CT 15
    68 Zhihua Zhang Characterisation of matrix entropies zhihuamath@aliyun.com China 07-Aug CT 7
    69 Xiaofan Zhao Symmetric pairs in Yetter-Drinfeld categories over weak Hopf algebras zhaoxiaofan8605@
    China 06-Aug CT 3
    70 Jiang Zhou Line star sets for Laplacian eigenvalues zhoujiang04113112@
    China 06-Aug CT 5
    China 07-Aug CT 8
    72 Huihui Zhu Centralizers and Their Applications to Generalized Inverses ahzhh08@sina.com China 09-Aug CT 16