• How to Register

    Registration is required in order to be admitted to the venue and for participation in the scientific program of the 19thInternational Linear Algebra Society Conference. Registration will be considered as binding (**NOTE: Binding is too strong and scary a word haha. Considering say "Registration will be considered complete only when it is received by the online registration system and full payment has been received.") when it is received by the online registration system and full payment has been received. Only registered participants may reserve other events of the conference.

  • Registration Fee

    If you wish to take advantage of the discounted registration fee, it is strongly recommended to register by May 15th.
    All registrations received after this time will be considered as on-site registration.

    Category Registration Fee Registration
    Fee Covers
    Early Bird Registration
    (By May 15, 2014)
    On-site Registration
    (After May 16, 2014)
    Standard USD 220 USD 270 - Conference facilities and materials
    - Daily coffee breaks
    Student Waived
    Accompanying Person Waived
    * Lunch is not provided by the conference.
    * The Early bird Registration dates are based on Korean Standard Time (GMT+9)

    For plenary speakers, the registration fee is waived, but you are required to pay fees of any other conference events you choose to participate in.
    All participants of a satellite conference with registration fee are eligible for a partial ICM registration fee remission. The remission will be approximately 30% of each satellite conference. The reimbursement will be taken place in COEX (the venue of SEOUL 2014).
    Note: Please keep the receipt of the satellite conference to receive reimbursement for the ICM registration fee.

  • Social Events

    1. Banquet (19:00-21:00, Friday, 8 August 2014, SKKU 600th Anniversary Building)
    2. Excursion (13:00-18:30, Friday, 8 August 2014)

    Category Banquet Excursion (Choose 1)
    Seoul City Tour DMZ Tour
    Standard USD 50 USD 40 USD 40
    Accompanying Person
  • Registration Option

    You can buy the conference T-shirt (USD5) with ILAS 2014 logo at the conference venue.

    Conference T-shirt
    *Please select your size upon registration process.
    Size Chest(cm) Length(cm) Height(cm) Weight(kg)
    S 48 62 -165 50-55
    M 50.5 65 -170 55-60
    L 53 68 -175 60-70
    XL 55.5 71 -180 70-80
    XXL 58 74 -185 80-90
    XXXL 60.5 77 -190 90-100
  • Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation of registration must be notified in writing by e-mail to the Secretariat.
    All refunds will be processed after the conference for administrative reasons, and all bank services charges and all
      administration fees will be deducted from all conference registration refunds.
    Any registered delegate who does not submit a written cancellation notice and/or does not attend the conference is not
      eligible for any refund.
     : The cancellation dates below are based on Korean Standard Time (GMT+9)

    By June 30, 2014 Full refund, less than USD 50 processing fee
    After July 1, 2014 No refund
  • Invitation Letter Request

    An official invitation letter will be sent by the ILAS Secretariat upon request. This personal invitation is intended to facilitate travel and visa arrangements for registered participants. Visa applications are the sole responsibility of participants. To request an official invitation letter, participants must download the request form after completion of registration and send it to the secretariat by e-mail or fax.

  • Contact Information

    Email: secretariat@ilas2014.org

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