Sage Random Mathematics Problem Generator for Linear Algebra

Made by Sang-Gu Lee, Kyung-Won Kim, Shaowei Sun (2014)


                   The Random Mathematics Problem Generator is a tool to generate mathematics problems by using Sage (free mathemaical software).

                   The randomly generated mathematics problems can be divided into 6 types according to their content:

                     - T/F Problem         - Figure Problem            - Vector Problem      

                         - Matrix Problem      - Choice Problem           - Subjective Problem

                  And three additional types according to the format of their answers:

                        - Text Boxes             - Check Boxe                  - Selector                


                      1. Run by Chrome or Safari;

                      2. Replace the following symbols with text-based inputs as follows:

                               :  sqrt()              

                               ab:  a*b

                               Complex Number 2i+3:  2*i+3 or 2*I+3

                      3. Click to generate a new question.