Introductory Math. Modeling (SKKU-SOCW)

<수학적 모델링 입문>                                                         학사-석사 공통과목  

                                          이상구 교수   (Prof. Sang-Gu LEE, Sungkyunkwan University)

1. Introduction to Mathematical Modeling

2. Math Models in Everyday life (Game) : Blackout game

3. Math Models in Everyday life (Google)- Google matrix

4. Introductory Models: Birthday Problem, Pigeonhole principle

5. Rabbit Problem, Fibonacci Numbers

6. Generalized Fibonacci sequence and Modeling

7. Gershgorin circle of Fibonacci sequence h  

8. Mobile Math and Sage Grapher

9. Graph Theory and PDE with Sage

10. Cryptography and Math Modeling

11. Sage and GeoGebra in Math Modeling

12. Markov Chain, Sage Matrix Calculator and Maple  

13. Catalan Number and Josephus Problem 

14. Project Proposal (1st PBL report)

15. Midterm Exam Review: Math Modeling


16. Growth Models (exponential and logistic growth model)

17. Component Analysis: population model, Extended Growth Model

18. Mathematical Modeling with Computational tools

19. Physical Models: Projectile Motion(Moon's Orbit)

20. Projectile Motion with Air Resistance

21. Predator-Prey model: Lotka-Volterra model

22. Equilibrium: Supply-Demand Model, Harvest Model

23. Epidemic Models (SIR, SIS, SEIR)

24. Markov Process and AHC(Analytic Hierarchy Process)

25. Mathematical Modeling with Sage

26. 수학과와 개척자 (Pioneers)

27. Mathematics and 3D Printing

28. Student Project Presentation

29. Final PBL and Zombi-Model Presentation

30. SKKU Math Concert 한국수학: 전통과 첨단의 조화

31. (Output) Smartphone App on Matrix Calculator

32. (Output) Math and Art in 3D Printing