<The m by n Black-Out Game Simulator>

<How to use>

The Black-out game can be used easily and we give here simple instructions.

The first step would be to input the size of the matrix and it depends on our choice.

 Let us assume that our choice is a 7x9 black-out game. On clicking the button 'Input Size with 7x9, we would see black and white cells representing 1 and 0 respectively. Now the next step would be to click the button 'Black Solution' to make cells all black, or click the button 'White Solution' to make cells all white. We would see the following:

  1. White Cells.
  2. Green Cells
  3. Black Cells

 On clicking all green cells once (regardless the order), we will complete the game.

   Made by sglee@skku.edu and mass@skku.edu, 2009

When the blackout game generates a singular block tridiagonal matrix (for example, 4x4, 5x5, 7x5 cases), this tool can't obtain any solutions. For this case, we had prepared another tool to find a solution in the blackout game for the singular case as below.

http://matrix.skku.ac.kr/NewJAVA/BlackOut/Test.html [For the general blackout game]

<For the case of det(A)=0, try the following tool>