Welcome to the Joint Meeting of the KMS and the AMS!

    This is the first joint meeting of the KMS (Korean Mathematical Society) and the AMS (American Mathematical Society). All sessions and events will be held in Ewha Womans University from December 16 through 20, 2009. This meeting is specifically organized for international Research and Exchanges of KMS and AMS. And the scientific objectives of this meeting are to disseminate recent research results to a wider audience. This meeting is dealing with all areas of the mathematical sciences.

    This site was prepared for a special session 8, "Combinatorial Matrix Theory". Information about the special session 8 can be informed from this site. But, if you want more information of other special sessions, please visit (http://www.kms.or.kr/KmsAms/index.htm).


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If you have any questions about this site, please ask to the local organizing committee in this special session, Prof. Sang-Gu Lee(sglee@skku.edu).


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