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Applied and Pure Mathematics (APM)
Date: August 14-17 (Thu-Sun), 2008
Venue: Town and Country Hotel, San Diego, CA
Abstract Due: April 10, 2008
Final Paper Due: July 1, 2008
  • To promote and enhance collaborative research activities among Korean research mathematicians who are working at US and Korean institutions.

  • To provide opportunities to seek for specific collaborative projects to benefit each participating members of Korean Mathematics Society (KMS) and Korean-American Mathematical Scientists Association (KAMSA).

All topics in the area of applied and computational mathematics including mathematics for biological, information, physical sciences and engineering. All core topics in pure mathematics and mathematics education.


This symposium will be focusing on current progress and development of various topics in mathematics and its applications and mathematics education for the future generation.


Sung Yell Song (Chair), Iowa State Univ. Math Representative at KSEA, sysong@iastate.edu

Do-Han Kim (Co-Chair), Seoul National Univ. President of Korean Math. Society dhkim@snu.ac.kr


Dear Fellow Korean Mathematicians,

I am writing to invite you to join the "Applied and Pure Mathematics" Symposium (symposium code APM) at  UKC2008 which will be held in San Diego, in August 14 - 17, 2008 if you have not formally invited before.

The abstracts of all presentations must be submitted via on-line by April 1, by visiting the UKC homepage at           http://ukc.ksea.org/ukc2008/
This deadline will be strictly enforced this year. Click the "paper submission" icon, and click the "abstract submission", and then fill up the form. (If the procedure will take long, then prepare your abstract separately and cut and paste it in the given space for the abstract.)

Although abstracts are due by April 1, I encourage you to submit it in your earliest convenience. This is especially helpful to the organizers in planning the venue of symposium and in other organizational  concerns.

When you visit the page, take little time to check other pages as well including the speaker travel support page.  
Unlike the past UKC, this year's math symposium will be attended by at least 20 to 40 mathematicians from Korea and more than twenty mathematicians and math educators in the US. In particular, among many new comers, the following Speakers have already agreed to join the UKC 2008 this year.

    Professors <KSEA> Baik, Jinho (Univ. of Michigan-Random matrix theory),
                       Hur, Youngmi (MIT-
                       Kang, Jeong-Hyun(Univ. of West Georgia-
                       Kim, In-Jae (Mankato State Univ.-
    Comb. Matrix Theory),
                       Kim, Inwon (UCLA-
                       Kim, Yon Seo (Univ. of Chicago-
    Symplectic Field Theory)
                       Kim, Young-Han (UC San Diego-
    Information theory )
                       Kook, Woong (Univ. of Rhode Island-
    Algebraic Topology)
                       Oh, Hee (Brown University-
    Lie groups)
                       Park, Seung Kook (Univ. of Cincinnati-
    cryptography )
                       Suh, Junecue (MIT-
    Algebraic Geometry
                       Oh, Yong Keun (Univ. of Wisconsin and KIAS-
    Morse theory)

                       Yee, Ae Ja (Penn. State Univ.-
    Enumerative Combinatorics)

                        Hae-Soo  OH (Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte), Eungchun Cho (Kentucky State Univ.), Sung Yell  Song (Iowa State University), Sunghyu  Han (University of Louisville), Jon-Lark  Kim ( University of Louisville), Chueng-Ryong  Ji (North Carolina State University) etc        

    Professors <KMS>

                       Do-Han Kim (SNU-KMS President),  Hyo Chul Myung (KIAS President), JongHae Keum (KIAS-Algebraic Geometry),  Hyungju Park (KIAS-Computer Algebra), Seok-Jin Kang(SNU-Representation Theory), Jin Ho Kwak(Postech-Combinatorics), MinKyu Kwak(ChunNam Nat. U.-PDE), Hyung-Chun Lee (Aju U.-App.Math),  HyungJu Hwang (Postech-BioMath), Jeong-Whan Choi (Korea U-Appl. Math), Seok-Zun Song (Cheju Nat. U.-CMT), InKyung Ahn (Koear U-BioMath), YougKuk Kim (KyungPook Nat. U.-BioMath), DongHi Lee (Pusan U.-GroupRep), Yeol Je Cho (GyungSang Nat. U.-NLAnalysis), Bokhee  Im (Chonnam Nat. U.-Algebra)Sang-Gu Lee (SKKU-CMT) etc

    Some selected BK 21 PhD students will give contributed talks or Poster presentations

    In addition to all, Prof. Efim I. Zelmanov (KIA), KyungBai Lee (U. Ok), KyungHan Kwun (Postech), ChungNim Lee (Postech) are invited. Prof. Efim I. Zelmanov (KIA) will be  invited to give a plenary talk at the meeting.

    This years APM symposium is organized not only as a part of UKC 2008, but also as a special collaborative
    joint workshop between Korean mathematicians working in Korea and in US. Currently Professors Do-Han Kim (SNU, KMS President),  Sang-Gu Lee (SKKU-BK21 Project Director) from Korean side, and Eung-Chun Cho (Kentucky State) and Sung Yell Song (Iowa State Univ).


 I (Sung Yell Song, Iowa State Univ.) am chairing the this year's APM symposium with many fellow colleagues' help. Professors Jin Ho Kwak (Director of Com2Mac), Chin-Hong Park (Chief Editor of JAMC), Young-Ju Choe (POSTECH), and  Hae-Soo Oh (UNCC) have been invited to serve on advisory or organizing committee. Many BK21 Project Team leaders from Korea and several colleagues from US have agreed to serve as organizers. These will be updated soon on the web. 


Chair and Co-chairs

Sung Yell Song (Chair), Iowa State Univ.

Eungchun Cho, Kentucky State Univ.


Do-Han Kim (Co-Chair), Seoul National Univ. President of Korean Math. Society dhkim@snu.ac.kr

Sang-Gu Lee, Sungkyunkwan Univ.

Symposium Organizing Committee

Jon Lark Kim (Univ. Louisville) jl.kim@louisville.edu 

and ...

InKyung Ahn (Korea University) ahnik@korea.ac.kr

HyungJu Hwang(Postech)

Jeong-Whan Choi (Korea University) jchoi@korea.ac.kr

Directors of Korea's BK21 Project Team

Symposium Advisory Committee

Hae-Soo Oh (UNC Charlotte)     hso@uncc.edu 

Kyung Bai Lee (Univ. of OK)

Min Ho Lee (UNI)

Heakyung Lee (Winthrop)

and ...

Professors Jin Ho Kwak (Postech, Director of Com2Mac) jinkwak@postech.ac.kr

Chin-Hong Park (Chief Editor of JAMC), chp@sunmoon.ac.kr

Young-Ju Choie (POSTECH),  yjc@postech.ac.kr



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