Presentations made at the
2010 Invited Minisymposium on Linear Algebra Education

at The 16th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS) ,

Pisa, Italy, at Palazzo dei Congressi from June 21 to June 25, 2010

Session 1, Tuesday afternoon

Guershon Harel, UCSD, USA, Students' Readiness for Algebraic Ways of Thinking  (PDF File)

Edgar Possani, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México. Using an economics model for teaching linear algebra (PDF File)

Boris Koichu, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology,  Israel, The use of Classroom Response Systems (clickers) in teaching linear algebra: Still more questions than answers
(PDF File)

Session 2, Friday morning and afternoon

Jane Day, San Jose State University. USA, What Have I Learned? (PDF File)

Frank Uhlig, Auburn University, USA, Questions about Teaching, Teaching mathematics and Teaching Linear Algebra (PDF File)

Sang-Gu Lee, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea. Contents of Linear Algebra with Sage and Mobile Sage environment (PDF File)

Avi Berman,  Technion - Israel Institute of Technology,  Israel,  Principles and tools in teaching linear algebra  (PDF File)


Steve Leon, UMass, Dartmouth, USA, The second undergraduate level course in linear algebra (PDF File)

Gil Strang, MIT, USA, TBA

   The conference proceedings for the Pisa conference will appear as a special issue of Linear Algebra and its Applications. The guest editors are Dario A. Bini, Albrecht Böttcher, Luca GemignaniLeslie Hogben and Françoise Tisseur; the responsible Editor-in-Chief is Volker Mehrmann.
  All papers submitted for the conference proceedings will be subjected to the usual LAA refereeing process. Linear Algebra Education papers should be sent to Leslie Hogben
  The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2010.


  •  The 12th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS)   Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, June 26-29, 2005

      ILAS Education Lecture: Anna Sierpinska, Concordia University, Canada,

   MS 3: Education Issues in Linear Algebra

  L. DeAlba (MS 3) 15:00 – 15:30

  G. Harel (MS 3) 15:30 – 16:00

  S-G. Lee (MS 3) 16:00 – 16:30


  • The 14th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS), Shanghai University, Shanghai, P.R.China, July 16-20, 2007



  • Other resources on Teaching of Linear Algebra in


                          by David Strong, Pepperdine University

Presentations made at the
Joint Meetings of the MAA and AMS
from the contributed papers sessions on
Innovative and Effective Ways to Teach Linear Algebra

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