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[2010. 12. 31] Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra

2010 was a good year for ELA-The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra.
in 2010 ELA published 78 papers in two issues, and received 168 submissions.
Much thanks goes to the editorial board and the referees for evaluating the
papers in a thoughtful and timely fashion, and to the authors for carefully
preparing their submissions and revisions.

The new year brings many exciting developments for the Electronic Journal of
Linear Algebra (ELA) that I'd like to share.

Ludwig Elsner's term as Editor-in-chief of ELA is complete, but his efforts and
care for ELA will be long lasting.

Joining the board as associate editors are:

      Oskar Baksalary
      T.Y. Tam
      Christian Mehl
      Xingzhi Zhan
      Jim Nagy

Panagiotis (Panos) Psarrakos
has taken over the duties of associate managing editor.
Much thanks goes to former associate managing editor Michael Tsatsomeros for his
years of efforts in this role and for his help in making a smooth transition.
Michael Cavers (, and In-Jae Kim
(  join the board as assistant
managing editors.

The board members expertise and renown, as well as high-quality submissions from
the ILAS community,  position ELA to continue to develop into a leading
mathematical journal.


[2010. 11. 01] Invitation for Nominations for the Householder Award XIV

The Alston S. Householder Award is given every three years for the
best PhD dissertation in numerical linear algebra. It is presented at
the triennial Householder Symposium on Numerical Linear Algebra,
which will be held on June 12-17, 2011. We solicit nominations of
dissertations by the candidate's PhD advisor. To be eligible, the
dissertation must have been submitted between Jan 1, 2008 and
Dec 31, 2010. The deadline for submission is Feb 1, 2011.
Details, including submission instructions and a list of prior winners,
may be found at
The term numerical linear algebra is intended to describe those parts
of mathematical research that have both linear algebraic aspects and
numerical content or implications. Thus, for example, a dissertation
concerned with the numerical solution of differential equations,
optimization problems, signal processing, or control problems
would be eligible if linear algebra is central to the research
Entries will be assessed by an international committee consisting of
Michele Benzi (Emory U.), James Demmel (UC Berkeley, Chair),
Howard Elman (U. Maryland), Volker Mehrmann (TU Berlin),
Sabine Van Huffel (Catholic U. Leuven) and Stephen Vavasis (U. Waterloo).
James Demmel
UC Berkeley
Chair of the Householder Award Committee


[2010. 10. 19] ILAS 2011 Braunschweig, Germany

The 2011 ILAS Conference “Pure and Applied Linear Algebra: The New
Generation” will take place in Braunschweig, Germany, at the Technische
Universität Braunschweig August 22 - 26, 2011. This conference will have a
special emphasis on young researchers, which will be reflected by
predominantly young plenary speakers as well as young researchers’
minisymposia. See for more information on invited
speakers, invited minisymposia, and local information.
Due to its special focus, at this ILAS conference the only contributed
minisymposia will be Young Researchers’ Minisymposia: A young
researchers' minisymposium will focus on a specific, timely research
subject. It will last two hours with four to six talks. Two organisers
from two different institutions can apply for a young researchers'
minisymposium. As all other speakers they should hold a PhD for no longer
than 6 years and not yet hold a tenured professor's position. The speakers
should also be affiliated to at least two different institutions. From the
applications received, the scientific committee will select up to five
young researchers' minisymposia. All speakers in and organizers of
accepted young researchers’ minisymposia will only pay the reduced
student registration fee.
A proposal consists of a one page abstract, the titles of all lectures and
information about the date of the PhD degree and the current position and
affiliation of all organizers and speakers. Submission of proposals by
e-mail (plain ASCII) to For consideration,
the proposal has to be submitted by December, 31 2010. Organizers will be
notified by email about accepted proposals by January, 31 2011.
Individuals who are interested in presenting a contributed talk at the
2011 ILAS conference are asked to download the LaTeX-template-files from (click on abstract submission) and to follow the
guidelines stated in the files. For consideration, the abstract has to be
submitted by February, 15 2011. Authors will be notified by email about
accepted contributed talks by March 30, 2011


[2010. 10. 14] Upcoming 2010 ILAS Election

From: Steve Kirkland, ILAS President

The Nominating Committee for the 2010 ILAS elections has completed its

Nominated for a three year term, beginning March 1, 2011, as ILAS
President is:

- Steve Kirkland

Nominated for the two open three-year terms, beginning March 1, 2011, as
"at-large" members of the ILAS Board of Directors are:

- Robert Guralnick, Los Angeles USA
- Francoise Tisseur, Manchester UK
- David Watkins, Pullman USA
- Henry Wolkowicz, Waterloo Canada

According to ILAS By-Laws, additional nominations may be made by
electronic or regular mail by any three members of ILAS; prior approval of
the nominee is required. All such nominations should be sent to the chair
of the Nominating Committee, Avi Berman <>,
by 29 October, 2010.

Ballots will be sent out towards the end of this year.

Many thanks to the Nominating Committee for their important service to ILAS.

Thanks also to the nominees for agreeing to stand for election.


[2010. 9. 9] ILAS 1782  LAA Special Issue on Matrix Patterns

 From: Richard A. Brualdi <brualdi@math,>

The Deadline for this special issue of LINEAR ALGEBRA AND ITS APPLICATIONS has been extended to December 31, 2010:

 Special Issue on the occasion of the Workshop at the Banff International Research Station titled "Theory and Applications of Matrices described by Patterns" (January 31 - February 5, 2010). Papers within the scope of the Workshop are solicited from all interested whether or not a participant in the Workshop.
Papers should be submitted by October to one of the special editors: Shaun Fallat <>, Leslie Hogben <>, Bryan Shader <>, Pauline van den Driessche <>.

The responsible editor-in-chief is Richard A. Brualdi.


[2010. 9. 1] ILAS 1781 Joint Meetings on Innovated and Effective Ways to Teach Linear Algebra

The call for papers is at
The site for submitting a presentation is at:

The deadline for submission is September 21.


Presentations made at the 2010 Invited Minisymposium on Linear Algebra Education

Talks at the Invited Minisymposium on Linear Algebra Education at The 16th Conference of ILAS, Pisa, Italy, from June 21 to June 25, 2010 - PDF files of Talks


ILAS 1780 Send News for IMAGE

Send News for IMAGE by October 1, 2010
All news of interest to the linear algebra community will be welcome, both longer articles as well as short notes like historical tidbits and elegant proofs of classic results. In particular, send:
 * Announcements of upcoming conferences and workshops
 * Reports on conferences held recently
 * News about striking developments in linear algebra and its applications
 * Honors and awards
 * Articles on history
 * Survey articles
 * Books, websites, funding sources
 * News about journals
 * Employment and other funding opportunities
 * Problems and solutions
 * Transitions: new appointments, responsibilities, deaths
 * Linear algebra education
 * Possible new corporate sponsors
 * Letters to the editor

Photos are always of interest. Suggestions are welcome too, such as ideas for new topics, survey articles, history topics, books to review, possible new sponsors, etc. Send all material to the appropriate Editor by October 1, 2010:
 Problems and solutions to Fuzhen Zhang (
 Book news and reviews to Oskar Baksalary (
 History of linear algebra to Peter Semrl (
 Linear algebra education to Steve Leon (
 Advertisements to Jim Weaver (
 All other material to Jane Day (

If you wish to submit an article after October 1, let the appropriate editor know as soon as possible when to expect your item, and it may be possible to include it.  Send material in plain text, Word or in both Latex and PDF (Article.sty with no manual formatting is preferred). Send photos in JPG format.  The upcoming issue 45 will be published on December 1, 2010.


ILAS 1773  Householder Symposium XVIII, June 12-17, 2011

Householder Symposium XVIII on Numerical Linear Algebra will be held on June 12-17, 2011, at the Granlibakken Conference Center & Lodge in Tahoe City, California, on the northwest shore of Lake Tahoe. This meeting is the eighteenth in a series, previously called the Gatlinburg Symposia. The series of conferences is named after its founder Alston S. Householder, one of the pioneers in numerical linear algebra. The meeting is very informal, with the intermingling of young and established researchers a priority. Participants are expected to attend the entire meeting. The fourteenth Householder Award for the best thesis in numerical linear algebra since January 1, 2008 will be presented. Attendance at the meeting is by invitation only. Applications are solicited from researchers in numerical linear algebra, matrix theory, and related areas such as optimization, differential equations, signal processing, and control. Each attendee is given the opportunity to present a talk. Some talks will be plenary lectures, while others will be shorter presentations arranged in parallel sessions.  To apply for an invitation to attend the meeting, please go to:
For full consideration, conference applications must be received by October 31, 2010. Invitations will be sent in January 2011. It is expected that partial support will be available for some students, early career participants, and participants from countries with limited resources.


ILAS 1771 Changes to ILAS Mirror Sites

This message is to let you know that there may be some disruption to the ILAS mirror sites in Israel, Germany, Portugal and the United States. We are in the process or removing all the very old webpages and refreshing the website with only current material. During this time, the Canadian site is still active. Please use this link if you are unable to use a more local mirror site.



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