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[2011. 6. 30] ILAS 1838 GAMM Activity Group "Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra" (ANLA)

I would like to draw your attention to two events of the GAMM Activity Group "Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra" (ANLA) this year:

1. The annual ANLA workshop will take place at University of Bremen, Germany, September 22-     23, 2011.  This year's special topic is"Model Reduction" with plenary speakers Paul Van     Dooren (UC Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium), Thanos Antoulas (Rice U., Houston and Jacobs U.,     Bremen), and Caroline Boess (Allianz AG, Munich).
    As usual, talks regarding all topics of interest to the ANLA members are welcome, deadline for     submitting a talk is *June 30, 2011*!

    Registration is open at

    The workshop closes Friday, Sept. 23, at noon, and will be followed by a Festkolloquium     honoring Angelika Bunse-Gerstner on the occasion of her 60th birthday.  Plenary talks will be     given by Volker Mehrmann (TU Berlin), Ludwig Elsner (U. Bielefeld), and Nancy Nichols (U. of     reading).  The Festkolloquium is open to all participants of the ANLA workshop!

    *Important note:* the hotel situation in Bremen appears to be difficult around the workshop      dates, so if you plan to attend, make room reservations as soon as possible!

2. This year, ANLA also organizes a summer school on "Numerical Linear Algebra for Dynamical     and High-Dimensional Problems" in Trogir (Croatia, near Split).  The program and registration     details can be found at

    Please point your students to this event!

    Applications are possible only via the registration form at the abovementioned web page until     *June 30, 2011*.


[2011. 6. 25] ILAS 1837 ICIAM 2011 Mid-June Newsletter

As we enter the home stretch toward ICIAM 2011, we hope your travel planning and other preparations are going well!

Advance online registration for the Congress is now closed. Those who have not yet registered but wish to attend can register on site at the meeting.

We continue on our series of highlights from the scientific program:

In the theme on Environmental Science, Michael Ghil (École normale supérieure de Paris, France, and University of California Los Angeles, USA) will focus on a topic of great relevance today: climate modeling and prediction. The talk will explore the mathematical causes of climate sensitivity through the application of random dynamical systems (RDS) theory. The theory allows the study of random attractors of nonlinear, stochastically perturbed systems and time-dependent
invariant measures that are supported by these attractors.

In the Mathematical Physics thematic panel, Matthew Hastings (Microsoft Research, USA) will explain the challenges of communication over quantum channels including classical and quantum information, with the use of entangled or unentangled inputs and measurements, as well as recent research in additivity of capacity in these systems. The theme will also feature a minisymposium organized by Michael Loss (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA), outlining some of the current
problems and solutions in mathematical physics.

Benedetto Piccoli (Rutgers University, USA) will highlight the Control Theory and Applications theme with his talk, Multiscale and Heterogeneous Models for Traffic Flow and Crowd Dynamics. The lecture will give an overview of continuous models for traffic flow, which not only help in the study and control of vehicular traffic, but also have applications in other areas such as supply chains and data networks. In the same theme, Jean-Pierre Puel (Universite de Versailles, France)
will organize a minisymposium presenting recent progress on controllability and inverse problems.

In the theme on Graphics, Visualization and Computation, Rudiger Westermann (Technische Universität München, Germany) will discuss recent advances in fluid and elastic body simulation using multigrid finite element methods. These methods embed adaptive element refinements and topological changes of the simulation grid into geometric multigrid solvers and achieve high computational efficiency.

The Design and Verification of Complex Systems theme will feature invited speaker Andrea Bertozzi (University of California Los Angeles, USA), who will talk about the dynamics of particle-laden viscous fluids in the context of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. The talk will address modeling and mathematical challenges related to dynamical interactions of fluids and particulates in particle-oil mixtures that result from such spills. Abul Hasan Siddiqi (Sharda University, India) will organize a minisymposium in the same theme, titled, Applications of Wavelet Methods to Meteorology and Oil Exploration. The minisymposium will discuss wavelet tools and techniques used to study issues related to the oil industry, meteorology, climate change and medical signals, in addition to inverse problems and data mining.

This is just a sampling of all the exciting scientific talks and symposia the Congress will have to offer. Please view the entire program ( for a complete listing.

As we look forward to welcoming you to ICIAM 2011, we want to express our special thanks to our sponsors, without whom this meeting would not be possible. Our sponsors include technology and research organizations, publishing companies, math societies and institutes, universities and government labs, who have offered their generous support toward the success of the Congress. Please find a complete list of sponsors here:


[2011. 6. 14] ILAS 1835  Recently Published ELA Papers

The following papers have been recently published in Volume 22 of  the Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra:

    1. Xiaoji Liu, Lingling Wu and Julio Benitez,  On the group inverse of linear combinations of two         group invertible matrices.
    2. Michael Gil,  Norm estimates for functions of two non-commuting matrices.
    3. Mohamed El Kadiri, Sur une classe de formes biquadratiques semidefinies positives.
    4. Wei-Wei Xu, Li-Xia Cai and Wen Li,  The optimal perturbation bounds for the weighted Moore-         Penrose inverse.
    5. N. Castro-Gonzalez, M.F. Martinez-Serrano and J. Robles, An extension of the perturbation         analysis for the Drazin inverse.
    6. Ricardo L. Soto, Oscar Rojo and Cristina B. Manzaneda, On nonnegative realization of         partitioned spectra.
    7. A. Salam and D.S. Watkins,  Structured QR algorithms for Hamiltonian symmetric matrices.


[2011. 6. 10] ILAS 1834 Preliminary Programme ILAS 2011 available

The preliminary programme for the 2011 ILAS Conference on "Pure and Applied Linear Algebra: The new Generation" is now available online, see

The conference will take place in Braunschweig, Germany, at the Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, August 22 - 26, 2011.
It will have a dense, interesting programme including 8 plenary speakers, 6 invited minisymposia and 7 young researchers minisymposia with a total of 80 talks as well as 120 contributed talks.


[2011. 6. 10] ILAS 1833 Early June 2011 ICIAM 2011 eNewsletter

It is hard to believe that in just over six weeks, we will be welcoming over 3,000 visitors from around the world to Vancouver for ICIAM 2011, the International Congress on Industrial & Applied Mathematics.

Although July 18 ??22, 2011 may seem like a long way from now, please don?셳 forget that advance registration at special rates closes on June 15, 2011. Visit to register now.

I would also like to remind you that July is a very busy tourist season in Vancouver and hotel rooms reserved for ICIAM2011 delegates are filling up quickly. I urge you to review the hotels and hostels with special rates for our delegates as soon as possible (

I?셝 like to leave you with a few highlights from the Congress??scientific program (

In a panel on Numerical Analysis, Christian Lubich (Universität Tübingen, Germany) will speak on variational approximations in quantum dynamics. His talk will describe model reduction in the multi-particle time-dependent Schrodinger equation via the Dirac-Frenkel variational approximation principle and then turn to the multi-configuration time-dependent Hartree method as an important,
practically very successful example.

In the same theme, Roger Ghanem (University of South California, USA) is organizing a minisymposium on the Numerical Solution of Stochastic PDEs, which will consider advances in the area, including modeling, reduction, approximation, adaptivity, and algorithmic issues. Further, a minisymposium on nonlinear eigenvalue problems, organized by Volker Mehrmann (Technical University Berlin, Germany) will survey the latest developments and point out new directions
including linearization, perturbation theory, structure preservation, numerical methods and emerging applications.

The Material Science theme features speaker Gilles Francfort (Université de Paris-Nord, France). Dr. Francfort will review classical fracture evolution theory and then describe the variational viewpoint and discuss its impact on crack initiation, as well as on crack path prediction. He will then show how the approach is amenable to numerical implementation and demonstrate its predictive computational ability in 2 and 3 dimensional problems driven by diffusive cooling.

Two minisymposia are being offered in this theme, the first on Liquid Crystals led by Peter Palffy-Muhoray (Kent State University, USA) and the second on Cloaking and Metamaterials led by Graeme Milton (University of Utah, USA). The minisymposium on liquid crystals will present emerging developments in the mathematical aspects of liquid crystal research; the minisyposium on cloaking and metamaterials will touch on passive cloaking,which uses a cloaking device constructed from metamaterials (composites with properties outside those found in nature), and active cloaking where the cloaking device generates waves or fields which create a quiet zone around the object to be cloaked, but which do not propagate into the far field. Fascinating mathematics will be highlighted.

Look up the full program ( to browse a complete list of topics for the thematic minisymposia (, each of which includes a lead lecture followed by six session speakers.


[2011. 6. 2 ] ILAS 1832 IMAGE Issue 46 is Now Available Online

IMAGE Issue 46 is Now Available Online

Visit to read issue 46 as well as all previous ones.

This new issue features two history articles, ?쏬inear Algebra Research in Portugal,??by Joao Queiro and ?쏷he Gatlinburg Symposia and Their Influence on the Development of Numerical Linear Algebra,??by Josef Stoer, as well as reviews of two new books, ?쏤unctions of Matrices,??by Nick Higham and ?쏮atrix Partial Orders, Shorted Operators and Applications,??by S.K. Mitra, P. Bhimasankaram and S.B. Mailk.

There are also an obituary of Miki Neumann,seven new problems in the Problem Section, news from journals, conference announcements, linear algebra education and ILAS and general linear algebra news.


[2011. 5. 27] ILAS 1831 LAA Special Issue in Honor of A. Berman, M. Goldberg, and R. Loewy

Regarding the special issue of "Linear Algebra and its Applications" in honor of Abraham Berman, Moshe Goldberg, and Raphael Loewy in recognition of their important contributions to linear algebra and the linear algebra community, the recently revised deadline is June 1, 2011.

If you would like to submit a paper for this special issue but need more time, please write to one of the special editors:

Wayne Barrett <>,

Naomi Shaked-Monderer <>,

Eitan Tadmor <>

to let them know of your intention to submit a paper and when your paper can be


[2011. 5. 27] ILAS 1830 May 2011 ICIAM 2011 eNewsletter

If you haven?셳 registered for ICIAM 2011 ??the International Congress on Industrial & Applied Mathematics from July 18 ??22, 2011 in Vancouver, Canada - do so now! Advance online registration closes June 15, 2011. Here is the link:

For the first time, the Congress will be using social media to enhance conference experience both for attendees and those following proceedings remotely. Twitter will be used to deliver updates and announcements and to enable scientific discussion and interaction among delegates. Follow us  on Twitter (!/iciam2011)  to keep up to date with conference announcements. If you?셱e tweeting about ICIAM 2011, before, during or after the meeting, please use the hashtag #ICIAM2011. Also, watch for a mobile phone app to be available soon.

Students looking to network with and meet mathematicians and professionals from around the world should consider volunteering. Opportunities range from preparing delegate kits and shooting photographs to assisting at outreach events. There is also the possibility of volunteers receiving travel funding and/or registration reimbursement. For complete details on the openings available, please visit the volunteers page at

Students can also enjoy a casual, social interaction with peers at the Student Networking Social on Monday, July 18. Organized by the Mitacs Student Advisory Committee, the event will involve a workshop on networking plus a chance to network with professionals and students from all over the world. The social includes lunch and door prizes.

Here are a few highlights about the scientific program (

In a panel on Statistical Sciences, Dr. Bin Yu (University of California Berkeley, USA) will focus on the massive amounts of data collection in science, engineering, social science, finance and other fields, enabled by great advances in information technology. Dr. Zhi Geng (Peking University, China) will talk about statistical approaches for evaluating and discovering causal effects and networks.

The Fluid Mechanics theme will be highlighted by an invited talk by Pierre Sagaut (Pierre et Marie Curie, France) who will explain the significance of turbulent flow simulation in both fundamental research and engineering applications. The talk will cover recent advances in uncertainty quantification in addition to turbulence models. Description of turbulent flows and investigation of their properties as well as control problems connected with fluid flows will be among the topics presented in the Mathematical Fluid dynamics minisymposium organized by Andrei Fursikov (Moscow State University, Russia).

Ron Kimmel (Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel) will talk about geometric objects as metric spaces, which allow a better understanding of facial similarities and body posturing. As part of the Image and Signal Processing theme, his invited lecture will elucidate on image and shape analysis in the area of image processing and computer graphics. As part of the same theme, Vicent Caselles (Universitat Pompeu-Fabra, Spain) will address image recovery in the case of missing and corrupted images. The talk will focus on the applications of image inpainting and recovery in video and cinema post-production.

The panel on Computational and Modeling Challenges in Industry will address just that.  An invited talk by Peter Fritzson (Linköping University, Sweden) will give an overview of emergent computer languages that support modeling in addition to programming. The lecture will specifically focus on Modelica, a language used for mathematical modeling and simulation of complex systems.

Look up the full program (click here: to browse a complete list ( of topics for the thematic minisymposia, each of which includes a Lead Lecture followed by six session speakers.


[2011. 5. 18] ILAS 1829 Volume 22 of  the Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra

The following papers have been recently published in Volume 22 of  the Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra:

 * Sever S. Dragomir, Vector and operator trapezoidal type inequalities for continuous functions of    selfadjoint operators in Hilbert spaces
 * Mohammad Sal Moslehian, Ritsuo Nakamoto and Yuki Seo, A Diaz-Metcalf type inequality for    positive linear maps and its applications
 * Juan Zhang and Jianzhou Liu, New lower solution bounds for the continuousalgebraic Riccati    equation
 * Leslie Hogben, A note on minimum rank and maximum nullity of sign patterns
 * Zhongpeng Yang and Xiaoxia Feng, On a Schur complement inequality for the Hadamard    product of certain totally nonnegative matrices
 * Jiyuan Tao, Pseudomonotonicity and related properties in Euclidean Jordan algebras
 * L. Livshits, G. Macdonald and H. Radjavi, Multiplicative diagonals of matrix semigroups
 * Guang-Jun Zhang and Xiao-Dong Zhang, The P-Laplacian spectral radius of weighted trees with    a degree sequence and a weight set
 * Bo Kagstrom, Lars Karlsson and Daniel Kressner, Computing codimensions and generic    canonical forms for generalized matrix products
 * Lena Scholz, A derivative array approach for linear second order differential-algebraic systems
 * Albrecht Boettcher, The algebraic Riccati equation with Toeplitz matrices as coefficients
 * Elizabeth Doering, T.S. Michael and Bryan L. Shader, Even and odd tournament matrices with    minimum rank over finite fields
 * Zhongxun Zhu, The signless Laplacian spectral radius of bicyclic graphs with a given girth
 * Wayne Barrett, Seth Gibelyou, Mark Kempton, Nicole Malloy, Curtis Nelson, William Sexton    and John Sinkovic, The inverse eigenvalue and inertia problems for minimum rank two graphs
 * Morteza Bayat, Generalized Pascal k-eliminated functional matrix with 2n variables.
 * Hiroshi Nakazato, Natalia Bebiano and Joao da Providencia, The numerical range of linear    operators on the 2-dimentional Krein space
 * Anton R. Schep, Bounds on the spectral radius of Hadamard products of positive operators on    lp-spaces
 * Fernando de Teran and Froilan M. Dopico, The equation XA+AX*=0 and the dimension of  
 * Congruence orbits
 * J.M. Pena and T. Szulc, Loewner matrix ordering in estimation of the smallest singular value
 * Xuzhou Chen and Jun Ji, The minimum-norm least-squares solution of a linear system and    symmetric rank-one updates

These papers can be accessed at the journal website:


[2011. 5. 18] ILAS 1828 Call for Proposals for ILAS Lecturers at non-ILAS Meetings

Call for Proposals for ILAS Lecturers at non-ILAS Meetings.

As part of ILAS's commitment to supporting activities in Linear Algebra, the Society maintains a program of ILAS Lectureships at non-ILAS conferences. In a typical year,  ILAS supports two such Lectureships, and in an exceptional year, ILAS may support as many as four Lectureships.

This announcement serves as a call for proposals for ILAS Lectureships to take place in 2012.  The deadline for submitting proposals for ILAS Lectureships held in 2012 is September 30, 2011. Further details regarding the format of proposals and submission process can be found at the following web site:<>.


[2011. 5. 3] ILAS 1826 Late April 2011 ICIAM 2011 eNewsletter

With less than 90 days until the 7th International Congress on Industrial and
Applied Mathematics - ICIAM 2011 (Vancouver, July 18 ??22, 2011;, if you haven?셳 already registered, we encourage you to do so now ! Discounted advance online registration is open until June 15 at this website: .

Are you wondering what to expect at ICIAM 2011? Here are a several highlights:

Over 20 thematic minisymposia, each with a Lead Lecture followed by six session  speakers, cover a wide range of subjects ranging from molecular simulation to materials science.

John Bell (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA) will highlight the Scientific Computing panel with his talk, Low Mach Number Models in Computational Astrophysics  (details here:, which will demonstrate the role of low Mach number flows in various astrophysical problems ranging from X-ray bursts to convection in massive stars.

The Mathematical Biology theme will showcase intriguing topics that run the gamut from the neuromechanics of insect movement to the synchronized reproduction of trees in forests. Mark Lewis (University of Alberta, Canada) will describe the role of parabolic PDEs and integral formulations in tracking wave fronts of expanding populations in his talk, New Challenges in Modelling Biological Invasions (details here: .

In the invited lecture, Our ?쏶econd Brain?? Modelling Its Development and Disease (details here:,  Kerry Landman (University of Melbourne, Australia) will elucidate on insights provided by continuum and discrete modeling to the embryonic development of our enteric nervous system and conditions that result in the failure of this normal process.

The thematic minisymposium on Mathematics of Cancer  (details here:, organized by Mark Chaplain (University of Dundee, United Kingdom), will detail multiscale mathematical models describing important processes in the growth and spread of cancer, in addition to implications for treatments and therapies.

The two panels on Mathematical Programming and Industrial Applications will describe modelling approaches for mathematical programs. Michael Ferris (University of Wisconsin, USA) will analyze existing relationships that make up mathematical models in order to create an extended mathematical program in Extended Mathematical Programming: Competition and Stochasticity (details here: Complexity-based techniques developed for convex optimization in the context of very large scale problems will be discussed in the invited lecture, Complexity Based Methods for Convex Optimization (details here: by Clovis Gonzaga (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil).

In the panel on Risk, Alexander McNeil (Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom) will tackle the very timely subject of financial regulation through his talk, Modelling Capital Adequacy and Solvency (detailshere: McNeill will discuss risk models for interest rates, equities, credit and other risk factors.

For those interested in the subject, the industrial thematic minisyposium on Risk and Finance (details here:  organized by Rama Cont (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France) should also be of value.

Look up the full program (click here: to browse a complete list of topics for thematic minisymposia ( We will be sampling the program over the next few issues to illustrate some of the other areas that will be covered.

You can also search for speakers via the speaker index (, and browse sessions by topic area (

Official ICIAM hotels ( are booking quickly. To avoid disappointment, we suggest you secure your reservation soon.


[2011. 4. 27] ILAS 1825 Spectral Graph Theory Home Page

We are pleased to inform you that the Spectral Graph Theory Home Page( is updated regularly and contains over two thousand references of papers, and it includes the main references and researches on the field, links to events, etc.  If you are a researcher in Spectral Graph Theory and you do not find your name and/or articles in indexed scientific magazines, and if you feel something or someone is missing from our lists, please contact us.

Best regards,
Nair Maria Maia de Abreu

Programa de Engenharia de Produção,
Bloco F, Ilha do Fund=E3o, RJ
Tel: (21) 2562-8291


[2011. 4. 27] ILAS 1824  SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications (CT11)

Subject:   SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications (CT11)
                  Registration and Program Now Available!

Conference Name: SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications (CT11)

Location: Hyatt Regency Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Dates: July 25-27, 2011

Invited Speakers:
Alain Bensoussan, University of Texas at Dallas, USA and the Hong Kong
Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Tyrone Duncan, University of Kansas, USA
Birgit Jacob, Universität Wuppertal, Germany
Yannis Kevrekidis, Princeton University, USA
Walter Willinger, AT&T Labs-Research, USA
Enrique Zuazua, Ikerbasque & Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM), Basque

Registration and the conference schedule are now posted at

June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

For additional information, contact the SIAM Conference Department at


[2011. 4. 26] ILAS 1823 ICERM Applications Now Open

ICERM Applications Now Open:

ICERM is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for our Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 semester programs and workshops. Application forms can be found on the ICERM website at

ICERM will be hosting two topical workshops during the month of August: Mathematical Aspects of P vs NP and its Variants, August 1-5,2011 Cluster Algebras and Statistical Physics, August 15-19, 2011

ICERM's Fall 2011 semester program, "Kinetic Theory: Analysis and Computation" runs from September 7 - December 9, 2011.

Three workshops will take place during this Fall semester program:
Vlasov Models in Kinetic Theory, September 19-23, 2011 Applications of Kinetic Theory and Computation, October 17-21, 2011 Boltzmann Models in Kinetic Theory, November 7-11, 2011

Please use the online application listed above to apply.  Any questions can be directed to Lauren Barrows,


[2011. 4. 11] ILAS 1821 Rome-Moscow School on Matrix Methods and Applied Linear Algebra

Rome-Moscow School on Matrix Methods and Applied Linear Algebra

Second Edition

September 3 - 17 (2011)
Institute of Numerical Mathematics - RAS
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Moscow, Russia

September 18 - October 2 (2011)
Department of Mathematics
University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Rome, Italy
2011 Edition

The school is open to advanced undergraduate, graduate and PhD students.

Applications should be preferably submitted within Tuesday, April 26, 2011, and not later than May 16, 2011.

Some scholarships and a number of free lodgings are available.

University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Lomonosov Moscow State University

To register and further informations please visit the school's web site


[2011. 4. 11] ILAS 1820 Change in ELA Submission Procedure

I am writing to inform you of a change to the  submission procedure for ELA papers. The change is designed to align ELA with open-publication standards, allow ELA authors to more easily disseminate their results,  and streamline part of the editorial process.

Logistically, the main change is that the corresponding author will complete and submit (via email) an Author Declaration and Consent to Publish form at the time of submission.

Legally, the main changes are that authors maintain the copyrights, agree to allow ELA to publish the paper (if the paper is accepted) and to reference ELA in any future publication of material from the ELA paper.

The instructions and form are given below, and can be found at the ELA website :

I would like to thank the ELA Editorial Board, the ILAS Publications Committee, and in particular Steve Kirkland and Roger Horn for their advice and help in making this change.

For ELA papers currently under review, authors will be asked to complete the Author Declaration and Consent to Publish form at the time of the paper's acceptance.


[2011. 4. 8] ILAS 1819 IMAGE Editor-in-Chief

As you must be aware, ILAS produces IMAGE, a semiannual bulletin that contains information about linear algebra activities, book reviews, conference reports, problems and solutions etc.

ILAS is looking for an Editor-in-Chief for IMAGE, to take over from January 2012.

Anyone who might be interested in taking up the responsibility, or in nominating someone else for the job, may please write to me (as ILAS Journals Committee Chair) at
by April 26, 2011.


[2011. 4. 8] ILAS 1818 ICIAM 2011 e-newsletter - April

Spring has finally arrived here in Vancouver, boding well for great weather for ICIAM 2011 from July 18 ??22. Don?셳 forget to register! (The website is here:

Below are several updates that I?셝 like to share with you.

All sessions for ICIAM 2011 have now been scheduled and posted on the website (
o   Invited speakers
o   Prize speakers
o   Embedded & satellite meetings
o   Thematic minisymposia
o   Contributed minisymposia
o   Industrial minisymposia
o   Jerry Marsden Memorial Activities

The Association for Women in Mathematics is embedding its 40th Anniversary celebrations at ICIAM 2011 with a special program of workshops and panel discussions (see this web page for details:

We have arranged preferential rates at Vancouver hotels and hostels suitable for any budget; click here for more information: Hotel rooms can be secured using our dedicated one-stop reservation system.

Sponsorship opportunities  (details here: are still available for ICIAM 2011. We would like to thank Exxon Mobile and IBM Research for their sponsorship of the Congress and the North American math institutes and societies for their sponsorship of the Opening Reception on July 17th.

Plan which exhibitors ( you will visit during the Congress. Be sure to check back often, as exhibitors are being added frequently.
There is still limited space available.

Space is filling up fast for the special tours and excursions( planned exclusively for Congress delegates and guests.

Don?셳 be disappointed; make sure to book your excursions now.

Follow the Congress on Twitter for the latest updates @ICIAM2011


[2011. 4. 4] ILAS 1816 Early-Bird-Registration is now open for the 2011 ILAS Conference

Early-Bird-Registration is now open for the 2011  ILAS Conference "Pure and Applied Lienar Algebra: The new generation"  in Braunschweig, Germany, August 22 - 26, 2011.  Participants may register for the conference at the reduced early-bird-registration rate of 195??(95??for PhD-students). The fee includes all coffee breaks, the book of abstracts, the conference dinner and an excursion to Goslar (world cultural heritage site, see
Please visit to register for the conference and make your hotel reservations. The pre-registration deadline is April 30, 2011.

Regular registration will be open from May 1, 2011 to July, 31, 2011. The regular registration fee for students will be 130 Euro, for all other participants 265 Euro.

The conference will have a dense interesting programme including 8 plenary speakers, 6 invited minisymposia and 7 young researchers minisympsoia with a total of 80 talks as well as 120 contributed talks. A preliminary programme will be available in May.


[2011. 3. 24] ILAS 1813 ILAS Mirror Websites

The mirror websites of ILAS at Israel, Portgual, Germany, and USA have not been updating properly over the last few months.  Until this problem has been resolved, please use the main website in Regina, Canada.  The link is:


[2011. 3. 23] ILAS 1812 Topics in Tensors 

Topics in Tensors
A Summer School by Shmuel Friedland

July 6-8, 2011
Department of Mathematics
University of Coimbra
Coimbra, Portugal


Wednesday, July 6
Theme: Ranks of 3-tensors and a solution of the salmon problem

Thursday, July 7
Theme: Nonnegative tensors: eigenvalues, singular values and scaling

Friday, July 8
Theme: Approximation of tensors by low rank tensors

All lectures will be held in the room 5.5.
Morning sessions: 10.30 - 12.00
Afternoon sessions: 14.00 - 15.30

This Summer School is supported by CMUC - Centre for Mathematics,
University of Coimbra

Organizing Committee: Natália Bebiano and Carlos Fonseca

To register and for further information:

Carlos Fonseca
Department of Mathematics
University of Coimbra
3001-454 Coimbra, Portugal

phone: +351 239 791 172
fax: +351 239 793 069


[2011. 3. 16] ILAS 1811 ICIAM 2011 e-newsletter - March

If you haven?셳 registered for ICIAM 2011 yet, do so now at!
Online registration will close on June 15, 2011. Don?셳 miss the Welcome Reception on Sunday, July 17, sponsored by the North American mathematical institutes and societies.(Sponsorship info is here: Registration fees include entry to the reception as well as opening and closing ceremonies.

The submission deadline for contributed posters has been extended to March 31, 2011. Approved applicants may present their research in poster format. Abstracts are being accepted in all areas consistent with the conference theme. Please find more information here:

We have developed an integrated industry program (, which will spotlight the many ways in which applied mathematics is contributing to industry. The sessions should be of broad appeal to attendees, as they provide insights from a wide variety of sectors including industry, government, and not-for-profit areas.

ICIAM has negotiated preferred rates for ICIAM delegates in hotels and hostels located within convenient distance of the Vancouver Convention Centre. Options range from dormitory accommodations to large hotels with a variety of amenities. Please remember that July is high tourist season in Vancouver; therefore, we encourage you to make your hotel or hostel arrangements as early as possible to take advantage of our special, reduced rates.  See the Housing page (  for details.

I also urge delegates to review Canada?셲 visa and permit information as soon as possible. Please visit for a link to the information on the ICIAM website.

The Congress has arranged sightseeing trips (  exclusively for ICIAM attendees and their guests, ranging from city tours, rainforest walks, and day trips to Whistler Mountain and Victoria, just to name a few. The Destination: Vancouver page ( offers important information to assist you in planning your trip to this world-class city.


[2011. 3. 11] ILAS 1810 Directions in Matrix Theory 2011

Directions in Matrix Theory 2011
July 9-10, 2011
Department of Mathematics
University of Coimbra

This workshop aims to be a forum of discussion of frontline areas of Matrix Theory and its Applications. The workshop will bring together renowned researchers of diverse fields fostering the exchange of experiences and insights from different perspectives.

This meeting has been endorsed by the International Linear Algebra Society- ILAS.

Invited Plenary Speakers:

Béla Bollobás
Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
University of Cambridge, UK

Shmuel Friedland Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Willem H. Haemers
Department of Econometrics and Operations Research
Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Steve Kirkland
Hamilton Institute
National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland

Volker Mehrmann
Institut für Mathematik
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Juan Manuel Peña
Departamento de Matemática Aplicada
Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain

Natália Bebiano
Departamento de Matemática
Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

Scientific Committee:
Carlos Fonseca (chair), Natália Bebiano, Shmuel Friedland, and Steve

Important Deadlines:

April 30, 2011: Abstracts for contributed speakers

April 30, 2011: 40 euro
July 9, 2011: 60 euro


There will be a peer-refereed special issue of the Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra devoted to the papers presented at the conference. The submitted papers will go through the usual editorial/referee process.

The special editors of the issue are: Oskar Maria Baksalary, C.M. da Fonseca, and Shmuel Friedland.

Organizing Committee:
Carlos Fonseca, Ana Nata

To register and for further information:
Carlos Fonseca
Department of Mathematics
University of Coimbra
3001-454 Coimbra, Portugal
Email :
phone:  +351 239 791 172
fax:  +351 239 793 069


[2011. 3. 3] ILAS 1808 LAA Special Issue Deadline Extended

Special issue in honor of Abraham Berman, Moshe Goldberg, and Raphael Loewy in recognition of their important contributions to linear algebra and the linear algebra community.

Papers should be submitted by June 1, 2011 to one of the special editors:
Wayne Barrett <>,
Michael Neumann <>,
Naomi Shaked-Monderer <>,
Eitan Tadmor <>.
The responsible editor-in-chief is Richard A. Brualdi.


[2011. 2. 25] ILAS 1807 3rd International Conference on Matrix Methods in Mathematics and Applications 


3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MATRIX METHODS IN MATHEMATICS AND APPLICATIONS (previous title: "Matrix methods and operator equations")
June 22 - 25, 2011, Moscow, Russia (arrival on Tuesday, June 21; departure on Sunday, June 26)

The deadline for the registration is March 31, 2011, 11.00 a.m., the deadline for the talk submission is May 31, 2011, 11.00 a.m.

Conference web-site is located at

In order to participate in this conference, please register on-line at

Accommodation details are to be found at

Institute of Numerical Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences; Lomonosov Moscow State University

Dario Bini, Alexander Guterman, Roger Horn, Volker Mehrmann, Vadim Olshevsky, Stefano Serra-Capizzano, Hans Schneider, Gilbert Strang, Eugene Tyrtyshnikov (chair), Yuri Vassilevski

We plan to have some plenary talks and three parallel sessions:
MAIN TOPICS include different areas in linear algebra and its applications:
  (*) Application challenges
  (*) Asymptotic matrix analysis
  (*) Combinatorial matrix theory
  (*) Computational methods for images, signals and data analysis
  (*) Fast algorithms for structured matrices
  (*) Fast matrix solvers and applications
  (*) Frobenius endomorphisms of matrices
  (*) Functions of matrices, rational approximation
  (*) Linear algebra in coding and cryptography
  (*) Matrices and polynomials
  (*) Matrix equations
  (*) Matrix means
  (*) Matrices over rings
  (*) Matrix problems in Markov chains
  (*) Metric problems for matrices
  (*) Model reduction problems
  (*) Nonlinear approximations and compressed sensing
  (*) Nonnegative matrices and their generalizations
  (*) Numerical range and numerical radius
  (*) Rank structured matrices
  (*) Separation of variables and applications
  (*) Special types of matrices (projections, involutions, etc.)
  (*) Tensor decompositions and tensor approximations
  (*) Tropical linear algebra

A modest fee will be established of about 150 EURO (exact amount will be specified later) including everything (book of abstracts, coffee-tea breaks, welcome party) except for accommodation, meal and excursion.

For the correspondence related to this conference please use the specially installed CONFERENCE E-MAIL:


[2011. 2. 14] ILAS 1806 Recent papers published in ELA 

The following papers have been recently published in Volume 22 of  the Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra:

1. Peyman Niroomand and Francesco G. Russo, A restriction on the Schur
multiplier of nilpotent Lie algebras, pp. 1-9.

2. Francesco Barioli, Shaun M. Fallat, Lon H. Mitchell and Sivaram K.
Narayan, Minimum semidefinite rank of outerplanar graphs and the tree   cover number,  pp. 10-21.

3. Bojan Kuzma, Chi-Kwong Li and Leiba Rodman,  Tracial numerical ranges   and linear dependence of operators,  pp. 22-52.

4. D. Steven Mackey, Niloufer Mackey, Christian Mehl and Volker Mehrmann,
Smith forms of palindromic matrix polynomials, pp. 53-91.

5. Dijana Mosic and Dragan S. Djordjevic, Reverse order law for the
Moore-Penrose inverse in C*-algebras, pp. 92-111.

6. Muhuo Liu, Bolian Liu and Fuyi Wei, Graphs determined by their (signless)
Laplacian spectra,  pp. 112-124

These papers can be accessed at the journal website:

ELA also welcomes Professor Rod Gow of the University College Dublin to its editorial board.


[2011. 2. 6] ILAS 1803 Deadline approaching: Abstracts ILAS 2011 Braunschweig Germany

The 2011 ILAS Conference ?쏱ure and Applied Linear Algebra: The New Generation?? will take place in Braunschweig, Germany, at the Technische Universität Braunschweig August 22 - 26, 2011. This conference will have a special emphasis on young researchers, which will be reflected by predominantly young plenary speakers as well as young researchers??minisymposia.

In particular, 7 young researchers minismposia with in all 40 talks have been selected from the proposals received:

1.  ?쏮ax-plus Linearity and its Applications in Computer Science and   Scheduling?? Rob M.P. Goverde and Sergei Sergeev
2. ?쏷he Theory of Orbits in Numerical Linear Algebra and Control Theory??   Fernando De Terán and Marta Peña
3. ?쏮atrix Means: Theory and Computation?? Miklos Palfia and Bruno   Iannazzo
4. ?쏮odern Methods for PDE Eigenvalue Problems?? Joscha Gedicke and   Agnieszka Miedlar
5. ?쏞ombinatorial Matrix Theory?? Minerva Catral and Amy Wangsness Wehe
6. ?쏯umerical Methods for the Solution of Algebraic Riccati Equations?? Frederico Poloni and Timo Reis
7. ?쏱arallel Computing in Numerical Linear Algebra?? Alfredo Remon and Jens   Saak

We are excited about so many promising young researchers in our field and hope that you will share this excitement with us. This sets an ideal stage for fruitful interaction between the young researchers and (more) experienced ones.

Individuals who are interested in presenting a contributed talk at the 2011 ILAS conference are asked to download the LaTeX-template-files from (click on abstract submission) and to follow the guidelines stated in the files. For consideration, the abstract has to be submitted by February, 15 2011. Authors will be notified by email about accepted contributed talks by March 30, 2011

See for more information on invited speakers, invited minisymposia, young researchers minisymposia, and local information. The registration fee for students will be 95 Euro, for all other participants 195 Euro including all coffee breaks, the book of abstracts, the conference dinner and an excursion to Goslar (world cultural heritage site, see on Wednesday afternoon).


[2011. 1. 27] ILAS 1802 Call for Proposals for ILAS Lecturers at non-ILAS Meetings

Call for Proposals for ILAS Lecturers at non-ILAS Meetings.

As part of ILAS's commitment to supporting activities in Linear Algebra, the
Society maintains a program of ILAS Lectureships at non-ILAS conferences. In a typical year, ILAS supports two such Lectureships, and in an exceptional year, ILAS may support as many as four Lectureships.

This announcement serves as a call for proposals for ILAS Lectureships to take place in 2012.  The deadline for submitting proposals for ILAS Lectureships held in 2012 is September 30, 2011. Further details regarding the format of proposals and submission process can be found at the following web site:


[2011. 1. 27] ILAS 1801 17th Industrial Mathematical & Statistical Modeling (IMSM) Workshop

The 17th Industrial Mathematical & Statistical Modeling (IMSM) Workshop for Graduate Students will take place at North Carolina State University, 7-15 July 2011.  The workshop is sponsored by the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Science Institute (SAMSI) and the Center for Research in Scientific Computation (CRSC).

The IMSM workshop exposes graduate students in mathematics, engineering, and  statistics to exciting real-world problems from industry and  government. Besides giving students experience in the team approach to problem solving, the IMSM workshop can help them to decide what kind of professional career they want.

Local expenses and travel expenses will be covered for students at  US institutions. The application deadline is 15 April 2011. Information is available at:

and questions can be directed to


[2011. 1. 18] ILAS 1800 ILAS Election Results

The ballots for this year's ILAS elections have now been counted, with the following results:

Francoise Tisseur and David Watkins have been elected to three-year terms as members of the ILAS Board, beginning on March 1, 2011; and

Steve Kirkland has been elected to the position of President for a three-year term, beginning on March 1, 2011.

On behalf of ILAS, I take this opportunity to thank the members of the Nominating Committee - Ravi Bapat, Avi Berman (Chair), Leiba Rodman, Valeria Simoncini and Hugo Woerdeman - for their efforts on behalf of ILAS, and also to thank all of the nominees for their participation in the election. Finally, I extend thanks to Raphael Loewy, who helped to count the ballots.


[2011. 1. 5] ILAS 1798 SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications

Conference Name: SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications (CT11)

Location: Hyatt Regency Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Dates: July 25-27, 2011

Invited Speakers

Alain Bensoussan, University of Texas at Dallas, USA and the Hong Kong
Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Tyrone Duncan, University of Kansas, USA

Birgit Jacob, Universität Wuppertal, Germany

Yannis Kevrekidis, Princeton University, USA

Walter Willinger, AT&T Labs-Research, USA

Enrique Zuazua, Ikerbasque & Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM), Basque Country-Spain

The Call for Presentations for this conference is available at


Deadlines are midnight Eastern Standard Time

January 10, 2011:  Minisymposium proposals

January 31, 2011:  Abstracts for contributed and minisymposium speakers

For additional information, contact the SIAM Conference Department


[2011. 1. 5] ILAS 1797 Reminder: Invitation for Nominations for the Householder Award XIV

The Altson S. Householder Award is given every three years for the best PhD dissertation in numerical linear algebra. It is presented at the triennial Householder Symposium on Numerical Linear Algebra, which will be held on June 12-17, 2011. We solicit nominations of dissertations by the candidate's PhD advisor. To be eligible, the dissertation must have been submitted between Jan 1, 2008 and Dec 31, 2010. The deadline for submission is Feb 1, 2011.

Details, including submission instructions and a list of prior winners, may be found at

The term numerical linear algebra is intended to describe those parts of mathematical research that have both linear algebraic aspects and numerical content or implications. Thus, for example, a dissertation concerned with the numerical solution of differential equations, optimization problems, signal processing, or control problems would be eligible if linear algebra is central to the research contribution.

Entries will be assessed by an international committee consisting of Michele Benzi (Emory U.), James Demmel (UC Berkeley, Chair), Howard Elman (U. Maryland), Volker Mehrmann (TU Berlin), Sabine Van Huffel (Catholic U. Leuven) and Stephen Vavasis (U. Waterloo).


[2011. 1. 1] ILAS 1796 ELA Announcement Amendment

I inadvertently left off the name of Leslie Hogben, who is joining the ELA editorial board.


ILAS 1771 Changes to ILAS Mirror Sites

This message is to let you know that there may be some disruption to the ILAS mirror sites in Israel, Germany, Portugal and the United States. We are in the process or removing all the very old webpages and refreshing the website with only current material. During this time, the Canadian site is still active. Please use this link if you are unable to use a more local mirror site.



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