Course 4. Incheon Int’l Airport ▶ Myeongdong Station (Prince Hotel, Hotel Skypark 3)
    ▶ Sunkyunkwan University Seoul Campus
    1) Incheon Int’l Airport ▶ Myeongdong Station (Prince Hotel, Hotel Skypark 3)
    1) By Airport Limousine Bus
    (1) Purchasing Limousine Bus tickets(fare will be around 15,000KRW), and also can get informations at Bus Ticketing
          Office : Exit 4, 9(indoors), Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 and 9C(Outdoors)
    (2) Taking a Limousine Bus No. 6015 at the bus stop 5B or 12A
    (3) Getting off the Limousine Bus at the “Sejong Hotel(Myeong-dong stn.)” stop (Approximately 75min.)
    Route Name (Bus No.) Bus Type Direction Station Bus Info. Bus Stop No.
    Myeong-Dong(6015) Limousine (Standard) Seoul (North) Bestwestern Seoul Garden Hotel(Mapo Stn), Mapo Lotte City Hotel(Gongdeok Stn.), Ahyeon-dong Cummunity Service Center, Mapo Police Office, Choongjeongno Station, Seoul Station, Namdaemoon Market(Bank of Korea), Ibis Ambatel(Myeong-dong), Seoul Royal Hotel(Uljiro), Best Western Gookdo Hotel(Uljiro 4-ga), Hotel PJ(Chungmuro Stn.), Sejong Hotel(Myeong-dong stn.) 1층(1st Floor) 5B,12A
    2) By Taxi
    (1) Alternatively, participants can take a regular(white or silver-gray sedan) taxi or a deluxe(black sedan) taxi to the venue. To take a taxi, please use the Seoul taxi stop, 6C, in front of the passenger terminal, 1st floor.
    Location Estimated travel time (min) Estimated fare (KRW)
    Myeong-dong Subway Stations 75 46,000 (Standard Taxi)
    - Toll fee (KRW 7,500) will be the passenger’s responsibility.
    - The estimated fare is based on no traffic congestion, so the actual rates may vary.
    - Violations such as refusal to ride and unfair taxi fare demands can be reported to:
       Transportation Policies(Gyeonggi) : +82-32-31-249-3314
    3) By AREX and Subway
    Incheon International Airport ↔ Incheon International Airport Cargo Terminal ↔ Unseo ↔ Geomam ↔ Gyeyang ↔ Gimpo Airport ↔ Digital Media City ↔ Hongik University ↔ Gongdeok ↔ Seoul Station
    Estimated Time: 43 mins for Express Train, 53 mins for?Commuter Train?
    between Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station.
    Seoul Station Gongdeok Hongik Univ Digital Media City Gimpo
    Gyeyang Geomam Unseo Airport Cargo Terminal
    3,850 KRW 3,750
    Express Train to Seoul Station :?8,000 KRW ('12.7.1~14.12.31)
    - 50% discount for children
    - Free for the disabled, seniors, disabled veterans, citizens with national merits for national independence and 5.18   Democracy Movement
    - 20% discount for youth using the youth travel card
    2) Myeongdong Station((Prince Hotel, Hotel Skypark 3) ▶ Sunkyunkwan University Seoul Campus
    1) By Taxi
    Location Estimated travel time (min) Estimated fare (KRW)
    Sunkyunkwan University Seoul Campus 20 7,000 (Standard Taxi)
    2) By Subway
    (1) Get off at Hyehwa subway station and take exit no.1 and walk straight for 200m.
    (2) You can find shuttle bus station to the campus (300KRW) or it is approximately 10 minutes walk from the subway station to the campus.