Korean Mathematical Society
KMS 2000
This conference will be held in conjunction with the 2000 annual meeting of 

the Korean Mathematical Society.

The aim of this conference is to celebrate the World Mathematical Year 2000 and to discuss 

the perspectives of mathematics in the new millennium.

The work of the Conference will proceed in the five special sessions.
Yonsei University

Seoul, Korea

October 20-22, 2000
Jean-Luc  Chabert
Demetrios  Christodoulou
Jim Jr.  Douglas
Carolyn S.  Gordon
Christopher C.  Heyde
Paul  Igodt
Akira  Kono
Kyung Bai  Lee
Alexander V.  Melnikov
Roman  Nedela
Gilles  Pisier
Cheryl E.  Praeger
Jia-Yu  Shao
Tetsuya  Takine
Mark L.  Teply
Gunther  Uhlmann
Korean Mathematical Society