Advanced Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering - Vol. 5


by W K Chen (Univ. Illinois, Chicago)

Graphs are extremely useful in modeling systems in physical sciences and engineering problems, because of their intuitive diagrammatic nature. This text gives a reasonably deep account of material closely related to engineering applications. Topics like directed-graph solutions of linear equations, topological analysis of linear systems, state equations, rectangle dissection and layouts, and network flows are included. A major theme of the book is electrical network theory.

This book is basically intended as a reference text for researchers, and requires a certain level of mathematical maturity. However the text may equally well be used for graduate level courses on network topology and linear systems and circuits. Some of the later chapters are suitable as topics for advanced seminars. A special feature of the book is that references to other published literature are included for almost all the results presented, making the book especially handy for those wishing to continue with a study of special topics.


Readership: Electrical engineers, computer scientists and operations researchers.

712pp Pub. date: Feb 1997
ISBN 981-02-1859-1 US$82 / £57