About me    


  I am
이지희(Annie Lee). I came back from USA.  I am a big sister in my family!  I have a family of father,  mother and my sweet younger sister Jenny. My father  and mother are both math professors. And I am going to be 8th grade at the year of 2000 and I was at Mountain Logan  Middle School, UT in 1999 and at James Blair Middle School, VA in 1998. We had a great time there, you can take look on a lots of  my pictures. And my sister is 3rd grade.  I am so good on Swimming and Ski.
  My birthday is April 16 th, 1986. , so now I'm on 14 years old and so now I am a teenager. 


About my favorites .....


My favorite animal is  dog , deer ...  .     I wish to have a dog. And my favorite food is  spaghetti and pizza. Because spaghetti and pizza have a spaghetti sauce .and I like meat  too.

My favorite sports are swimming and   basketball . I am so good in swimming, and learned Golf, Ski and basketball. From time to time, I go outside and play, we don't need the ball.   And my favorite thing to do is draw the pictures, so ART is my best part of hobby. I have got many prizes on drawing.