July 4-5(Thr-Fri), 2002, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea


(1) The first invited talk will be scheduled on July 5, 2002 at  9:30 AM

(2) How to get to the POSTECH

  At Incheon International Airport
Take a shuttle bus to the Gimpo Airport(Former Seoul International airport) in Seoul, which serves domestic flights.
  Korean Air and Asiana Airlines serve the domestic flight network linking Korea's 14 major cities.
Air Schedule :
 [Korean Air : First flight depart Gimpo AM 7:30 and arrive  Pohang at 8:30, The Last flight  depart Gimpo PM 5:35 and arrive  Pohang at 6:35,
 [Asiana Air : First flight depart Gimpo AM 7:10 and arrive  Pohang at 8:00, The Last flight  depart Gimpo PM 8:05 and arrive  Pohang at 9:05]

                            <This is the Best way to get Pohang from Seoul>

  Between Pohang Airport   and POSTECH

(Conference Site)

  There will be the Registration desk and Campus phone with contact numbers from July 4th to 11th at the 1st floor of "Graduate School for Information Technology (Conference Site)". If you come to this desk  any time from July 4th, you can pick up your room key and we will try to give you a ride to your room.   

At the Pohang Airport, take a taxi and tell your driver "I want to go Postech, Graduate School for Information Technology (KoHu Conference Site)". If you find any difficulty, call (H.P.) 011-9795-3561

 The POSTECH is located about 30 minutes away from the Pohang Airport by car. It can be reached by taxi costing about 10,000won. There is a city shuttle bus from the airport to the Suburban Bus Terminal which costs around 1,050won. At the Suburban Bus Station, you can take the bus line 105 or 300 to get to the POSTECH, which takes about 10 minutes. The fare for the line 105 are 700 won, 300 are 1,050 won, respectively. It is convenient to take a university shuttle bus which commutes between the airport and the campus twice a day during the weekdays and once on Saturday. See below for more information on the shuttle bus time schedule.

International Travel & Visas:
Visitors to Korea from some countries require visas. If you are in doubt, please contact the Korean Consulate nearest you. .

Please Visit the cite  "KOREA".

dia_brown_1.gif Further information

    All travel related information as well as other local information may be found via Internet and our conference website. Questions regarding the technical program and/or regarding travel and local arrangements should be directed to

    e-mail: com2mac@postech.ac.kr