About me and my family 

          I am Jenny ?? Lee. I am a Korean.  I am the Cutty in my family.  I have  a family of father,  mother and my sweet elder sister. My father is a Math professor at SKKU and my mother also a Math Professor at Kyonggi University. And I am a 3rd grade student at JamWon(??) Elem. School, SeoCho-Ku, Seoul, Korea since I came back from Hillcrest Elementary School at Utah, USA. And my sister is the 2nd grade student at SinBanPo Middle School.

          My family spent one year at Virginia and Utah 1998-1999.  I had learned Ski, Swimming, Dance, Camping etc. The following picture was taken there too.  

    And we will back to korea in the summer of 1999.  My birthday is June 26 1991.   And my sister is a teenager now.   I AM a HAPPY GIRL.
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