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(NOTE : This page was made for my wife who was in Korea while myself and two kids were in USA.  So she could see how we struggle without her. If you don't see "*.JPG" file when you did click, please retype "*.jpg" as a small cheacter instead of CAPITAL LETTER in the same directory. Somehow changes was made while I copied them ("from Little  charcter to Capital Character'). But you can believe that there are all files in the same directory.  Again ALL THE PICTURES ARE IN small character "*.jpg". So I believe you can handel that like my wife did. Sorry for the inconvenience. No pain, no gain.)

If you still don't see the picture that you like to see or download, please send ma a mail.


My favorit Pictures  1999, Mar.,  My Family (Cute)

My Parents and Brothers and Sisters(8) and Nephew ans niece etc


99-6-12 (Camping)

99-6-11 (Camping)

99-6-4 (Annie's Last Day at Mt Logan Middle School)

99-6-2 (Annie Last day at Hillcrest Elementary) and 6-11(Camping)

99-6-1 (Jenny Graduation)


Thomas's VISIT


Yellowstone NP Tour

Yellowstone NP 2



99-5-28 (Jenny's New Friend)


USU math1100 classroom

99-USU Combinatoral Matrix Theory Conference

99-Math- Picnic


99-Math1100-classroom  (May. 4)
99-Math Picnic  (Apr. 17)
99-Annie's Birthday Party (Apr. 16) , Prof . Kil Hun Kwon's Visit
99-Snowbird Pictures  (Apr. 2-9)
99-Snowbird Pictures-2  (Apr. 10)
99-Spring Break SLC  (Apr. 11)
99-MLMS Sci Fair  (Apr. 2)

99-Ski Utah Pictures  1999, Mar.  (Fun)

Logan-OMC: David Choi, March. 99
Rollerblade- 99
Science Fair of Hillcrest 99

Science Fair of Hillcrest 99 (II)

Bowling etc
Mar 99- Ski Movie etc

MVC-031V.MPG, 1999, 2 28 4:28:10 PM Movie

  Beaver Mt. Ski Resort, UT, Mar. 1999

Prof. YoonMee Ham  (Click for Her Vita)  at Kyonggi University

Beaver Mt. SKI Resort, Utah, Mar. 1999

* USU MATH Dept.
* SKKU Math Dept
Sang-Gu Lee's Home