MATH 1100-007

Calculus Techniques

Course Syllabus, Spring 1999

Section 7 (Class meet at Main 119, M W F 12:30 PM)

Instructor : Sang-Gu Lee, Lund 304, X70749(o), X76594(h),           

Office Hours : M W F 2:00-3:00 and by Appointment Tutoring Lab : M-H 2:00-8:00 - Geol 310

Course Description : MATH 1100 is intended to provide students with a conceptual understanding of utility of differential and integral calculus.

We will cover Limits of Functions and Asymptotes, Differentiation, Application of the Derivative, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Integration, Multivariate calculus, Differential Equations. It include its applications and the role in mathematical modeling.

Textbook and Materials : Calculus: An Applied Approach, 5th Ed., by Larson & Edwards. Each student will also need a graphing calculator for homework and Exams. The recommended model is the Texas Instruments TI-85, but any graphing calculator should be adquate. You will be responsible for how to operate it, but any possible help will be given. [You may also try for web note or (IE) Graphic tools in  JAVA of
       and I use Scientific Work Place 3.0 or Mathematica for graphing   etc]

Prerequisite : MATH 1050 College Algebra, or equivalent, with a grade of C- or better.

Grading Policy : [Attendance and participation], 10 Homework Quizzes of 10 points each (one lowest will be replaced by 10 points), three Midterm Exams of 100 points each, and one comprehensive final Exam of 200 points. Total 600pts.

A (10%), B(30%), C(40%), D(10%) and F(10%)

Your Standing (Grade)  until April 20th

(Homework Quizzes: In lieu of collecting homework there will be 10 fifteen-minute homework quizzes graded out of 10 points each, which will have problems taken directly from the homework assignments. It will be given at the beginning of the class period. You are encouraged to do your homework regularly and ask questions promptly to me or any tutors if you are confused on any problem.)

For old quizzes and Exams
    (1) go to          and          use

    (2) Instructor's Last Name    (Lee)                   (3) Password        (Lee1100)            ---      pdf files

(Exams : There will be three midterm exams, on Feb. 17, Mar. 12, and Apr. 19 (20+80=100). The final exam will be given on Tuesday, MAY 4, 1999. 11:30-1:20. Be prepared to show pictured ID for all Exams and Quizzes until your instructor gets to know you. Make-up exams will be given only for really good reasons with a verification.)

PS : Please let me know (in the card) your (1) name (2) e-mail address

(3) major (4) Your own code name (5) your objective on this class