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My Information center and Jour. Links


My SKKU Electronic Math Journal List (Full Text)


dia_skyblue.gif Electronic Journal of Differential Equations
dia_bluve_5.gif The Electronic Library of Mathematics
dia_brown_4.gif Computational and Applied Mathematics
dia_gray_4.gif Southwest Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (SWJPAM)
Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences
dia_olive_4.gif Taiwanese Jour. of Mathematics

dia_pink_3.gif LAA, LAMA, ICMS. Fibo. Quarterly, Jour. of Online Math., SIMAX homepage Contents of SIMAX, years 1991-today

dia_purple_2.gif AMS Journal Page


History of Mathematics Links


dia_brown_3.gif MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

dia_gray_3.gif History of mathematics (Trinity College, Dublin)

dia_green_2.gif SFU History of Mathematics

dia_olive_3.gif Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics

dia_pink_2.gif Historia Mathematica Editor

dia_purple_1.gif Mathematics history and manuscripts (Vatican)

dia_red.gif Mathematicians of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries


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