The program will consist of an hour or forty minutes-long invited lectures, and 25 minutes contributed talks.

    Abstracts, at most one page and typed in English, related to the topics of the conference are invited by July 31, 2001. The abstract should include: names(s) of author(s), affiliation(s), address of the contact person, phone and fax number, e-mail address . Authors are kindly requested to submit their abstracts via e-mail in LaTex (or AMS Tex) to Prof. Sang-Gu Lee at contact address below.

Combinatorial and Computational Math Center

Pohang Univ. of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

Fax: 82-54-279-5511

    Notification of acceptance of papers for presentation at the conference will be given by September 1, 2001.



    Participants presenting papers are invited to submit them for possible publication in a special issue of the international journal:

             Linear Algebra and Its Applications (LAA)

    to one of the
    special editors: Suk-Geun Hwang, Arnold Kraeuter, Bryan Shader, and Jia-yu Shao.  Papers will be refereed in accordance with the normal high standards of LAA.  April 30, 2002 is the deadline for papers to be submitted to one of the special editors.


    Participants are kindly asked to return the enclosed form as soon as possible, and before July 31, 2001, either via e-mail or via fax or via postal mail.

    [Use "Cut and Paste" to fill out the form.] For the late registration : contact       e-mail : Fax : 82-31-290-7033

    Mailing address : Co-Organizer (INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE  on COMBINATORIAL MATRIX THEORY), Department of Mathematics, College of Science, SungKyunKwan University Suwon  440-746,   KOREA.  

    The conference early registration fee will be US$100 or Korean 130,000 Won (US$50 or Korean 65,000Won for student s ). Please make a cashier's check  or money order payable to Com2Mac. 0r  transfer to Seoul Bank 서울은행 52004-0053604 이상구 교수)


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