An excursion to Kyongju will take place on Wednesday afternoon.  Kyungju was the capital of Shilla Kingtom (57 BC - 935 AD) and  is Korea's tourist Meca.  The cost for the excursion including transportation, entrance fees, and dinner is US$50.       Nearby Attractions


   If you get at the Pohang Airport in the evening of Jan. 13th, please take a taxi (costs about $8) and tell your driver "I want to go (Auditorium of) POSTECH Information Research Laboratories(PIRL) which is the CMT Conference Site". If you find any difficulty, call (HP) 011-9795-3561 at the airport. We will answer you.
 There will be the Registration desk and Campus phone with contact numbers from Jan. 13th to 17th at the 1st floor of "(Auditorium of) POSTECH Information Research Laboratories in the Graduate School for Information Technology (Conference Site)". If you come to this desk  any time in Jan. 13 and 14, you can pick up your room key and we will try to give you a ride to your room

       (1)  Hotels in Pohang city 

         Space in nearby hotel has been reserved for participants at a discount rate (US$45-60 per night).

      • Royal Cignus Tourist Hotel, (+82-54)275-2000, 112 rooms
      • Ocean Park Tourist Hotel, (+82-54)277-5555, 52 rooms, :  Prof. Kim  made a deal with this hotel, Korean Won 58,500 per night (1,300Won=US$1) - If you like to stay here, just let us know. We will reserve for you. Contact:
      • Olimpus Tourist Hotel (+82-54)241-6001, 61 rooms, Pohang Beach Tourist Hotel (+82-562)241-1401, 47 rooms,
      • Sun Prince Tourist Hotel (+82-54)242-2800, 30 rooms,

        (2)  University Accomodations

      The University Young-Il Dae Hilton Hotel, SangNam Guest house and dormitory rooms of POSTECH are available to participants at much lower rate (US$5-35 per night). We now try to hold as many as possible rooms in the campus.). You may visit the web site.(Details will be added). We will provide the exact prices and other info with our formal invitation letter to you in early Oct. After you are informed those informations, we will be able to reserve a room of your choice upon your request.

(8 APT's are Confirmed)

Leslie Hogben USA F Apt A1, Jennifer Seberry AustraliaF Apt A2 , Susana Furtado Portugal F Apt A3

Cora Neal USA F Apt B1 , Gautami Bhowmik France F Apt B2 , Ran Back Korea F Apt B3

Steve Kirkland Canada M Apt C1 , Jian Shen Canada M Apt C2 , Arnold Kraeuter Austria M Apt C3

Jia-yu Shao China M Apt D1 , Bryan Shader USA M Apt D2 ,   Daniel Hershkowitz Israel M Apt D3 &

Willem Haemers Netherlands M Apt E1 , Charles Johnson USA M Apt E2 , LeRoy Beasley USA M Apt E3

Kazuyoshi Okubo Japan M Apt F1 , Jason Zhongshan Li USA M Apt F2 , Chan Onn Singapore M Apt F3

Bit-Shun Tam Taiwan M Apt G1 , Bolian Liu China M Apt G2 , Li Qiao China M Apt G3

Andrew Vince USA M Apt H1 , Carlos M. Fonseca Portugal M Apt H2 , Uriel G. Rothblum Israel M Apt H3

Carlos Saiago Portugal M Apt H4  (D3)


(Waiting list <6>: Apt or Ladies Dorm)

Geum Suk Hwang Korea F Apt I1 , Yunsun Nam Korea F Apt I2 , "Kim, Suh-Ryung" Korea F Apt I3

Min Ae Jin Korea F Apt J1, Young-Mee Koh Korea F Apt J2, Yumi Rho Korea F Apt J3


(8 Sangnam rooms are Confirmed and 2 more men's rooms are reserved for emergency- But if someone else want, we have to give up.)

Suk-Geun Hwang Korea M Sangnam1

Han-Hyuk Cho Korea M Sangnam2

Sang-Gu Lee Korea M Sangnam3

Brendan McKay Australia M Sangnam4

Sato Kenzi Japan M Sangnam5

Xingzhi Zhan Japan M Sangnam6

Mikhail Shchukin Minsk M Sangnam7

Mark H. Siggers USA M Sangnam8




(We will  20 Men's Dorm rooms on 10th)

Gi-Sang Cheon Korea M Dorm1

Gwang-Yeon Lee Korea M Dorm2

In-Jae Kim USA M Dorm3

Sang-Wook Ree Korea M Dorm4

Han-Guk Seol Korea M Dorm5

Suk-Zun Song Korea M Dorm6

Jin-Soo Kim Korea M Dorm7

Kil-Chan Ha Korea M Dorm8

Sung-Soo Pyo Korea M Dorm9

Duk-Sun Kim Korea M Dorm10

Kyung Sik Choi Korea M Dorm11


(We Don't know how many of the following can come up yet. So )

Okpala Chigozie Uchenna Nigeria M

Eneh Thankgod Nigeria M

Ikeh Jones Desmond Nigeria M

Ikeh Christani Okwudili Nigeria M

"Maduka, Michael *" Nigeria M

Obiesie Chukuwuma Nnamdi Nigeria M

Ebede Emka Ernest Nigeria M

Elechi Thompson Nwede Nigeria M

Umeadi Harris Awele Nigeria M

Lawal Adetola Olugbenga Nigeria M

MR. PAK GENNADIY Uzbekistanian M

MISS. MUN SVETLANA Uzbekistanian F

MISS. PAK LYUDMILA Uzbekistanian F

UMAROV YULDASH Uzbekistanian ?


MIN VITALIY Uzbekistanian ?


(Following 10 Youngildae rooms are reserved for the first 3 days, and 3 for the another 1 day and only one for the last one day.--Sorry- We are on the waiting list For the last two days-If it does not work, We will try to rearrange them to Hotel or some empty or Organizing Commitee's Sangnam Rooms )

Richard Brualdi USA M Youngildae1- 5days

Miroslav Fiedler Czech Rep M Youngildae2 : 3days

Ian Wanless U.K M Youngildae3 : 3days

(?) "Loewy, Raphael *" Israel M Youngildae4 : 3days

Armen Gasparyan Russia M Youngildae5 : 3days

Shaun Fallat Canada M Youngildae6 : 3days

Tsuyoshi Ando Japan M Youngildae7 + City Htl

Yasunori Kimura Japan M Youngildae8 + City Htl

This is the plan NOW!!


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