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    How to get to the POSTECH

      (1) We may refer  the following sites :

      (2) At Incheon International Airport

         Nearly all of international flights into Korea (except Gimhae Int Airport from Japan etc) arrive at the newly-opened Incheon International Airport, about 30Km west of the capital city, Seoul. Upon clearing immigration and customs, and claiming your baggages, drop by at a money exchange (or at cash machin with credit card) to get some (75,000Won ~=~ 50 US$) Korean currency .
         Take a shuttle bus to the Gimpo Airport(Former Seoul International airport) in Seoul, which serves domestic flights. Buses are quite frequent (at every five minites and drivers will understand your english) and cost about 6,000 wons (4 -- 5 US dollars). After about 30 minutes of ride, you will be at the Gimpo. And there are 14 flights to Pohang in every day. Please allow at least two hours between the arrival at Inchon and the departure from Gimpo.
          Korean Air and Asiana Airlines serve the domestic flight network linking Korea's 14 major cities. Flight time to any of these destinations is approximately one hour. Reservations and ticketing can be done by calling a travel agent or the airline office.
                     Air Schedule :
         [Korean Air : First flight depart Gimpo AM 7:30 and arrive  Pohang at 8:30, The Last flight  depart Gimpo PM 5:35 and arrive  Pohang at 6:35,
         [Asiana Air : First flight depart Gimpo AM 7:10 and arrive  Pohang at 8:00, The Last flight  depart Gimpo PM 8:05 and arrive  Pohang at 9:05]

      (3) At Seoul :  If you take a late flight into Korea and the connecting flight to Pohang leaves the next morning, let us know and we will be able to make a reservation for you at the Gimpo Airport Hotel.


      (5) Between Pohang Airport   and POSTECH

         The POSTECH is located about 30 minutes away from the Pohang Airport by car. It can be reached by taxi costing about 10,000won. There is a city shuttle bus from the airport to the Suburban Bus Terminal which costs around 1,050won. At the Suburban Bus Station, you can take the bus line 105 or 300 to get to the POSTECH, which takes about 10 minutes. The fare for the line 105 are 700 won, 300 are 1,050 won, respectively. It is convenient to take a university shuttle bus which commutes between the airport and the campus twice a day during the weekdays and once on Saturday. See below for more information on the shuttle bus time schedule.
           - Pohang Airport: 054-272-2000(KAL), 1588-8000(Asiana)
         By Taxi takes about 30 minutes, costs about $8 (10,000 won ; Korean currency)
         Shuttle Bus schedule: fare free
            (Morning Trip only on Saturday. No shuttle on Sunday)
         From Airport to POSTECH:
            Airport: 11:35 -> Adm. Building: 12:00 -> Faculty Apt #9: 12:05
            Airport: 18:05 -> Adm. Building: 18:30 -> Faculty Apt #9: 18:35
         From POSTECH to Airport:
            Faculty Apt #9: 11:00 -> Adm. Building: 11:05 -> Airport: 11:30
            / Faculty Apt #9: 17:30 -> Adm. Building: 17:35 -> Airport: 18:00


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